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I love to see suggestions for the RNW. I can't make any promises for things requiring changing the generation (that'd be something you'd want the opinion of @DDRJake for), however:

8. New fantasy scenarios
A) North Slavs - novgorodian culture; many tribal federations; animist; often seen good - fur; continent northern, arctic (hypothetical group of Slavs)
B) Lost fleet Kublai Khan - close american tribes is tengri, mongol khanate (mongols ships, that survived the kamikaze, and landed in NW)
C) American hordes - totemist states as steppe nomads; many territories as steppe (other vision of political evolution american tribes)
D) Shangri-La - big and rich mahayana theocracy; many territories as mountains (Far East utopia)
E) Avalon island - anglo-saxon animist merchants republic placed on island (legendary island from arturians legends)
F) Legio IX - one roman oligarchic republic with big development and many highlander low development tribes (Legio IX was lost)
G) White Bear Empire - jan mayenese constitutional monarchy with empire rank

9. Fantastic formable postcolonial state
Normal formable colonial states are not available for obvious reasons. Several states formable, irrespective of the region's colonial, can be in game.

I see no reason not to add more scenarios especially as stuff like this is a lot easier to implement than changes to the generation itself. I suggest a separate thread for suggestions about new fantasy scenarios.
The more of the info that is required to create a scenario you include the likelier they are to be implemented (as everything else priority can be higher if implementation is quicker) :)
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