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hi all

ok i was following this project and felt like commenting here and there.

however i always felt its kind of difficult to follow your discussions as all threads are named 1st, 2nd, 3rd step.

so let me make oine suggestion:

open a thread for discussion for at least all majors + a few others maybe like ITA, SPA, CAN or whatever with a list in the first post.

so the 1st post should contain the TTs, best sorted after branch (just a suggestion), maybe one or two placeholders and the rest is discussion.
makes it easier to understand for people jumping in, what do you think?
FYI, I intend to do a review of the TTs of the majors and major minors from a CORE point-of-view in a week or so, and give our thoughts and suggestions on the matter (both Vanilla & the Tech Team mod). I already have been in contact with Cardus about it, and we both like to see it in the form of an open discussion. We could easily do it by country... I probably would prefer it that way.