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Nov 14, 2018
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Hi i want a make a suggestion with love. I really enjoy this game <3

Ask help to family/dinasty members is great but they should don't accept to join a war between 2 members of the familly/dinasty. Or at laste one % of members may help the player. Another % may join the other party of the war. And some % won't accept to join.

Actually is super easy to claim one title from dinasty and ask others members to join the war. You can repeat the process and declare the war to members who helped you before. And the others members of the dinasty still helping you without see they will be the nexts.
Example: When the king dies and the reigns are split to independent titles. You can ask help to the brothers for attack one of them and win the claimed title. Repeating the system the old kingdom is restored in few years.



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Sep 10, 2020
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you meant you are dynasty head, and ordering your member to help?
they are not helping because they are your brother, allies will refuse if he like your opponent more