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Nov 30, 2017
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What i mean by that is:
- To remove synapse drone unity production, and change it to some other benefits like "menial drone output" or "stability" or "increase hive mind unity production" (see below)
- "Hive mind" pop trait got an effect "produce 1 unity", which basically means that every hive minded pop produce small amount of unity since they are one, or united at least, and their whole existence is to be one, or united at least.
- Each 1% of deviancy reduce hive minded pops unity production by some %, which means that dealing with deviancy would be important task.
- Deviant drones do not produce unity, better, they are reducing unity production of a planet.
Especially that regular empires have factions that produce unity based on pops, and hives cannot have factions and their unity producing jobs are even worse than burocrats.

Its a change that would require some balancing, but it will make hive minds to be played at least a little different, because right now they do what normal empires does (in terms of unity) but with different names.

I have made a mod that reduce synapse dron production to 2, and added them bonusses "1 stability", and "1% unity output on planet", also reduced synapse drones to 1 on 1st tier building, to 5 on 3rd tier, and removed them entirely from hive capital building. Effects are great :D also, machine pops got 0.3 science production per pop. But it seems too much, machines became dominant power in my games ;/
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Refreshing. Normal empires got 0.5 unity per pop in name of factions. And thus has much more unity than hives... and why? This should not be that. I think that this 1 unity per pop is not too much, and can be both - balanced and making unique gameplay.
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I like how synaptic drones are represented, they are the drones in charge of keeping the hive sincronized, thus a hive with greater focus on them has more "unity"
I like how synaptic drones are represented, they are the drones in charge of keeping the hive sincronized, thus a hive with greater focus on them has more "unity"
yeah, this is why i have posted that their job could be tweak: example - increase base pop unity production. It will still fit this characteristic, and at the same time it would change hive to be more themathical
This may be a Hot Take but I think Gestalts should Get Admin Cap back, they really suffer from a lack of unique mechanics. Admin Cap always meant something extra for Gestalts, it's their ability to exert control over drones, that the drones aren't necessarily intelligent but recieving their intelligence from the source of Admin Cap. It would be far easier to add Admin Cap back in than create some other new mechanic. Then I would go along with having each pop producing unity and losing some for insufficient Admin Cap, and increased Deviancy from That as well. Make it nearly impossible to have perfect Admin Cap so that Penalties aren't irrelevant
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I made a mod, and give all hivemind pops 1 unity production, and synapse drones produce only 2 (tho 1 would also be viable), but at the same time they produce 1 stability and 1% increase unity production on planet. I have removed synapse drones from capitol building, and reduce by 1 in synapse cluster building.
This change works great :D
Also, machine pops got 0.3 science production, but it seems its too overpowered :eek: they started dominating every game, i had to change it to 0.1
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I believe this should be part of the game. If someone dont belive, you may test it yourself:
I call it bs... for the litteral gestalt consciousness to have less unity in whole empire than one singleminded planet is just bs. Especially that they gain unity passively via factions that gestalts havn't... this... this have to be changed. Really, PARADOX, please look at this. I know that for some of You, unity is just bureaucracy, but for hive its something more than papers.
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