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Nov 30, 2017
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And by that mean weapon specialization, not only starting techs. But details later.
Now, why?
Well, im aware that people love when everything is open, available, and people feels frustration if something is locked for them. But there are also people who loves specializations and distinction.
My idea should satisfy both types of players, and because its step process, pdx should have not much trouble of introducing it to the game.
BUT there are some things that have to be resolved first:
- shield penetration shoul be 60% at best (and armor penetration in disruptors, arc emitters and cloud lightning too)
- titan weapon slot should include kinetic and missile weapon types (it could reskin fron current T weapon but with different repetables bonusses.

And now steps:
  1. Weapon specialization in empire creation menu (kinetic, energy, missiles). And new setting for galaxy settings menu "weapon specialization" (This way, devs can make change with not too much effort and monitor how many people choose which setting):
    • Starting weapon - determines starting techs, but do not lock anything like in pre 2.0 Stellaris (iirc).
    • Free weapon - all starting techs like in current version.
    • Unlocked specialization - Determines techs tree and lock other starting weapons from being researched unless debries, anomalies AND research agreements.
    • Locked specialization - Like previous except that only genocidal empires can research weapons that was not their starting techs from debries (their counterpart will be federation and GDF fleets that can use all researched weapons from all members.
  2. If step first would bewell recieved. We can make some adjustments and balance. Since empires cannot use all weapons anymore, each weapon should be somehow valid from day 1 to the crisis and beyond. Lot of weapons needs more less overhaul:
    • Kinetic weapons with superior range
    • Energy weapons with high damage but lower range
    • Guided weapons would be very versatile, with gigh range, high damage etc, but being able to be shot down by point defence. Also, guided wepoans could be able to be put in every slot, same with point defence. Slots G and P should be removed. both poind defence (and flak) and missiles put in better slots, should just shot 2x faster than previous (or shot twice at the same time).
    • 3 types of strike crafts:
      • Kinetic - specialized in shoting down other strike crafts. those are their primary targets: crafts > missiles > ships
      • Energy - specialized in destroing approaching missiles, faster but with less hull and no shields: missiles > ships > crafts
      • Missile - specialized in destroying enemy ships. Those crafts deals much damage and hame more hull and some armor, but are quite slow and have very low evasion: ships > crafts > missiles
  3. Sep 3 is overhaul of other aspects. Like technology trees, special weapons, crisis, critters etc.
    • all tech trees should have simmilar number of techs, especially repetables.
    • strikecraft techs can be merged into one.
    • missiles can be put into physics.
    • special weapons from critters can have their own type with their own repetables.
    • we can make more special weapons, from archology, anomalies, origins.
    • As you can see, not much details here since i doubt step 2 will ever be reached and finished, but i will bew happy to create those details.
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