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We have very few primary sources and know nothing about most of the world in this period. A lot of the sources we have are also propoganda.

There is also the fact that a very large number of people are very invested in a fictional account of this era *cough* old testament *cough* that contradicts the archaeological and historical record. I don't think Paradox wants to deal with that.
More room for creative interpretation.
Back in the days (the early -00) Paradox actually was involved in the development of a Bronze age game together with Slitherine called Chariots of war.
It didn´t get the best reviews, but I remember having some fun with it.
I really like the idea. The lack of hard information could make things pretty interesting too. One could even make it fairly A-historical or mythological. An 'anti-stellaris' of sorts, at least setting wise. The idea of playing as (and running the empire of) Gilgamesh is deeply appealing.
Hope someone hear bronze age fan praises,

Also as is a really long long timespam (but best docummented than what certain people think, I mean they have done imperator with a bunch of "barbarians" based in two or three classic "historians" with really ehem low ehem credibility, they can perfectly do bronze age even in a more accurately way), there are some timeframes that will provide the expected challenge of political games.

1) 3500-3000 BC, from chiefdoms to kingdom(s) in egypt, its formative period in all the senses, from "tribalism" to the state.
Meanwhile in Mesopotamia the wars between the sumerian cities. Ahhhh, and the rise of the writting.

2) 2300-1900 BC, 4k kiloyear event, famine, wars, new traderoutes with the hattians and akkadian speakers, fall of the Old Kingdom, civil wars and rise of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt, rise of the first great nubian kingdom in Kerma, rise and fall of the Akkadian Empire, the Gutian dinasty, the Sumerian Renaissance and rivarly between Lagash and Ur, Amorites, Ebla and Mari, Elam, and finally the rise of Babylon

3) 15th-14th century BC, Imperial powers at their cenit, Hittites, Egypt, Mittani, Babylonia and Assyria sharing their world into different pieces of vassal states, robbing heirs to educate them as the perfect future vassals, the great military period of the chariots and the development of new massive armies.

4) 12th-11th century BC, fall of the Bronze Age world system, Sea Peoples, Clergy vs Pharaoh, rise of the Neo-Assyrians, Arameans etc.

So, lot of shit, fanbooys of the classical world, stop saying there is not material to do a (or several) Grand Strategy game of the Bronze age.

And even more, is original, Greece and Rome, Mythological, Space, World Wars, Napoleonic, Medieval (some times, but we all love it), is always the same, that areas should give place to something new.