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Apr 21, 2019
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As a historian of the classical era I love the game but there are some things that I would like to change. I understand that it is a game and they try to discipline things but they are things that I think could improve the game.
The first thing is that I don't understand why Roman generals and politicians have a salary. in reality they did not receive money in exchange for their duties as it was quite the opposite they normally spent their money.
The second thing I do not understand why the population gets angry when you conquer a lot and you go from AE to others that when they get angry they pay less taxes ... that does not make sense it is as if nowadays you get angry with the government of your country and you decide not to pay taxes.
The third thing is regarding the army and maintenance in the Roman case (which is the one I know the most) I do not understand because having all of Italy (without the great Greece) you cannot get enough income to build a quality fleet and maintain it without going negative. In reality, during the first Punic war, Rome built several fleets of 200 ships, both hexerre and triremes, etc ... I also do not understand why it does not allow you to maintain an army many times with the Roman composition (2-6 legions) 36,000 men more or less and almost all heavy infantry to others I think it would be good to put a cam system because in those times they were not permanent armies and this would be a good thing to add. Also count that the numbers by units should change them, for example an elephants unit should not be 1k of elephants at most 50 or the cavalry that is 500 or the like.
To finish I would like them to re-implement asking for money in the peace treaty or at least asking for war reparations.
PS one thing that would be very good would be to put more time to at least military anarchy or to set a start date with the Persian wars


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Dec 18, 2009
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Though a strong supporter of Carthage and thus one who might see your point of view from the opposite side your comments are valid, I could add those where the game is "not true" to Carthaginian history. However I dare say so will other scholars for this period in our history and we need to look instead for the common denominator?

That "common denominator" is the game itself, or to refer to it more accurately, the "software".

If Paradox a company the size of Microsoft undoubtedly they could be persuaded to produce the game so vast in it's reaches that you could literally "dial in" whatever tweak you wanted, no matter which "State/Country/Tribal Area" you wished to play as . . . but how big would the software need to be, what minimum levels of hardware might you need, what sort of cost would the game need to be to pay for all that R&D?

Which is why the game has parts which we as enthusiastic historians know isn't quite right, almost but not perfect. First and foremost Paradox needed to construct a framework that can be adapted within reason and which is reliable when we, the end user, try to pull it to pieces. That I think is what they call their "Europa" and "Clausewitz" engines? Then they try, as best they can with the time and money they have to hand, to allow that "Engine" - try thinking of it as an "Operating System" instead - to be subtly altered so that these individual small elements of the "game" can be adjusted to do all that is possible to replicate the original in history . . .

. . . frankly I'm totally amazed they get as near to reality as they do!

So . . except the above and cut Paradox some slack?