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Is anyone expecting/hoping for succession reform in Chapter Three? I feel like there’s potential for it as part of the free update for Legends or Roads to Power. Anyone else agree or is that an unlikely hope?
I'd like to see the return of factions to change the succession law. Besides that succession is fine IMHO.
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I see why you’d say that with the Byzantine stuff seeming to involve a more interactive succession system. But I’d strongly suspect it’s more like this update will be a test/building block towards potential succession changes down the road rather than actually doing anything with it outside the byzantines.
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I would like it, but I think it's completely unrealistic for Chapter III given how large in scope it already seems to be.

I'd like to see it touched up sooner than later though - more dramatic successions would do wonders for keeping the game interesting and dynamic, giving more opportunities to use landless mechanics and power-sharing mechanics, not to mention the content variety of players getting knocked off the top and having to fight back to get it (the most interesting part of the game)
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I'd like to see the return of factions to change the succession law. Besides that succession is fine IMHO.
I do think succession is fine and workable but would like to see it improved upon. I think the base improvements I’d eventually hope for are more succession options and the ability to select which heirs get what based on the current succession types as it’s pretty wonky at times as it currently stands with realms divided up in nonsensical ways unless you have the perfect number of heirs and dejure territories.

Further succession reform I’ve seen floated around, but that is probably very highly unlikely, is the ability to choose which child you play as and not always the one inheriting the primary title.
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Some small changes I would like to see:

1. If we are going to stick to unanimous powerful vassal approval to change regular laws (partition/primogeniture and gender rules) there should be some other metric than just opinion. Vassals should approve or disapprove law changes based on selfish reasons, rather than simply not letting the ruler change from confederate to regular partition solely out of spite (i.e. -1 opinion). Though spite might be a valid reason for a vengeful rival.

2. It is bizarre that going from male preference to male only requires unanimous powerful vassal consent, but changing from elective to hereditary (or vice-versa) is unilateral. Furthermore, except for the HRE, abolishing elective law is extremely easy, requiring only a few hundred in prestige.

This is really counterintuitive. Inheritance law is more or less a house/dynastic law while elective/hereditary seems more like a realm thing. And obviously the nobility has much more skin in the game if the elective law would allow them or their heirs to get the throne. I understand that they might be warry of concentrating power in the monarch, but at the end of the day partition vs. primogeniture is really about how the personal possessions of the king (or whichever ruler) are divided up among his issue, while elective vs hereditary seems like a constitutional (whole realm) question.
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I would like new succession types, specifically eldership.
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