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May 24, 2000
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What happens to the money that you give to other countries as gifts? Do they actually put it to use or does it just improve relations?

I have given generously to small nations without seeing any noticable effect on their military strength. I know the money may be going to other uses, but I would at least like confirmation that my strategy of subsidizing my allies is actually having a concrete effect.
Oct 18, 2000
They don't always spend it if they don't feel they need it, for example, if they aren't at war. France attacked Lorraine in a game I was playing, and I didn't want them to conquer Lorraine, so I got angry and gave them 100 ducats, not only improving my relations by close to a 100 points (are countries at war more receptive to improving relations when you give them money???), but Lorraine immediately began building a large military force.


Marshall Ombre
Feb 13, 2000
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Empirical observation: giving money to a country at war improves relation much better than when it is at peace.