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Dec 17, 2015
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At the moment the initial Interregnum Scenario is basically rigged in favour of Hammerfell taking over Tamariel. This is because at the beginning Sentinel possesses the High Kingdom OF Hammerfell which is a large area. Having the kingdom title to somewhere pretty much guarantees that we we see it gain control of the area eventually if nothing particularly bad happens to it, which it will not. Sentinel is a good position to expand and faces no invincible threats in it's current area.

You could justify this situation if Hammerfell did take over Tamariel but pretty much it is largely of little consequence to the history of that era. The Reachmen instead rise to power, which is pretty much never going to happen if Hammerfell dominates the north-west and it pretty much always does the way things are set up.

The solution was not hard to implement. I simply removed the Kingdom of Hammerfell and replaced it with the Titular Kingdom of Sentinel. I then made a few changes to fix the balance of power so that Hegethe does not just take everywhere over effortlessly. They are.

Magnificance of Rhenano is now a vassal of the Kingdom of Sentinel. (used to be independent)
Kingdom of Sentinel takes Magnificance of Tigonus outright from Rhenano to strengthen it in the early game.
Tribe of Ayasofya now a vassal of (minor) Kingdom of Antiphyllos.
Magnificance of Lainlyn becomes (minor) Kingdom of Lainlyn.

This should ensure hopefully that the Redguard remain properly divided into squabbling petty kingdoms for centuries, like everyone else. :)

To install unzip the file contents into your Elder Kings folder in your mod directory (not the other one!).


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