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May 16, 2012
kurthakon's HIP Submods

Like the title suggests this is a thread compiling all of my mods that I've made compatible with the Historical Immersion Project. They've been available on the Steam Workshop for some time, but I’ve finally decided to also post them here on the HIP subforums. All of the mods posted here should be compatible with the latest release of HIP (Frosty3), with the exception of Christian Warrior Society which has been abandoned in favor of Warrior Societies.

All the mods have been attached to this post, and only requires to be unzipped in your mod folder. You can find pictures of the mods at each of their respective Steam Workshop pages, which have been linked to in each mod's title.

Cities of Wonders (HIP&SWMH)

This mod adds a new type of Great Work or Wonder called a “City of Wonders” (COW), that is meant to represent the great cities of the world that contains multiple structures that could be classified as Wonders. The wonder added by this mod simply allows you to build multiple wonders and most of their associated upgrades inside this new City-Wonder.
The primary issue I had with the free Great Works update was that you could only have one wonder per province/county, while some counties arguably should have multiple. For example, why do Roma only have the Lateran/Apostolic Palace, and not the Colosseum too? Why could the player not rebuild the Mouseion or the Great Library of Alexandria while also having the Lighthouse of Alexandria in the province? Why cannot you have both the Theodosian Walls and the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople?

This mod remedies this by allowing you to build all of the wonders in the City of Wonders as long as you meet the very similar criteria to vanilla for them. Currently there’s 14 different types of Cities of Wonders. 12 of them are historical, which can only be built at specific places. The other two types are the ones that can be built from scratch by the player, as long as you meet the requirements for them respectively. All of the Cities of Wonders are divided into 10 stages that should at the very least take over a century to complete all stages from scratch. The buildable ones provide a huge amount of 40 upgrade slots total at the last stage, while the historical ones “only” have 36 slots. This was intended to give a small reward to any player who would build up a COW from the ground up, instead of just taking an existing COW and use that instead.

Each wonder that you build in the city-wonder you could consider a separate city district, after the wonder is built it unlocks any of the associated upgrades so that those can be built too in the “district”. With a max of 36/40 upgrades, that is quite a decent number of upgrades you could build. Also, at the moment the bonuses provided by the wonders matches the Stage 4 of each vanilla wonder, which is kind of overpowered, and I will probably have to rebalance this later.

Feature List
  • City of Wonders – a Great Work that is divided into 10 stages, with a total of 36/40 upgrade/feature slots.
  • Two separate version of City-Wonders. The Standard version, and a special version just for Merchant Republics.
  • In a City of Wonders, you can build nearly all of the Wonders from vanilla and their associated upgrades. Many events and decisions have been altered and added to ensure that the wonders and their upgrades have the same effect as in vanilla.
  • Stage 1, Stage 3, Stage 6, and Stage 9 are the major thresholds that will alter the name, wonder strip image, and the description of the City of Wonders.
  • Each stage of the City of Wonders that is completed will optionally give a holding slot (at a reduced cost) to the county in question until it reaches the max of 7 holding slots. You can turn even the most inhospitable places into a Great City. (Requires The Reaper's Due)
  • Dynamic name ranking system, that follows this scheme: Alexandria (Stage 1), Great City of Alexandria (Stage 3), Metropolis of Alexandria (Stage 6), and Megalopolis of Alexandria (Stage 9).
  • The dynamic name system takes the wonder name from the province/county name, so if you want to use the system you should rename your province/county accordingly. The names will not change if you have changed the Wonder name manually at any point.
  • Historical Cities of Wonders: Alexandria, Constantinople, and Roma. ----- Alexandria’s COW will use the Lighthouse model on the map and the associated wonder image. Constantinople will use the Hagia Sophia wonder image and it's model on the map. Roma will use the Amphitheatre wonder image to represent the Colosseum, while it will use the Cathedral model on map.
  • There will be quite a few unique wonder upgrades that are historical for Alexandria, Constantinople, and Roma. For example: The Theodosian Walls, Hagia Sophia, the Coliseum, Lighthouse of Alexandria, and et cetera.
  • You can rebuild/refurbish many of the historical Wonders that are either in ruin or completely gone by a specific start-date, if you meet the requirements. For example if you get Alexander's Bloodline you can rebuild his Mausoleum in Alexandria, though most Wonders won't have as specific requirements.
  • If you start a game with the vanilla game rule that turns off the historical Great Works, than none of the Historial COW's will show up too.
  • Game Rules - "COW: Pentarchy", "COW: Semi-Historical COWs", and "COW: Ancient Cities". These rules will be DISABLED by default, so you have to manually turn them on if you want to play with extra COWs.
  • Antioch and Jerusalem as optional historical COWs. COW: Pentarchy rule must be ON.
  • Baghdad and Delhi as optional semi-historical COWs. COW: Semi-Historical COWs rule must be ON.
  • Wonder upgrade feature that can be used to upgrade vanilla wonders into a City of Wonders. To use it you must right-click on the capital holding of where the wonder is located at. The upgrade is instantaneous, and the vanilla wonder in your capital province will be converted into a Wonder District.

Cities of Wonders (HIP)

This is the same mod as Cities of Wonders (HIP&SWMH), but for the vanilla (HIP) map instead of the SWMH map.

Warrior Societies (HIP)

Warrior Societies (WS) adds Warrior Lodges to those few religion groups that currently lacks them in CK2 and HIP. The added Warrior Lodges functions pretty much identical to the vanilla pagan Warrior Lodges added by Holy Fury in terms of features and powers. This means that you must have Holy Fury installed for you to use this mod.

None of the added Warrior Societies are active in any start date unless the game rules are changed. By default, the player will have to take up the duty to create the societies via decision.

Feature List
  • Christian Warrior Lodge - "The Champions of Christ"
  • Mazdan/Zoroastrian Warrior Lodge - "The Immortals"
  • Eastern Warrior Lodge - "The Disciples of the Shaolin"
  • Muslim Warrior Lodge - "The Futuwwa Brotherhood"
  • Jewish Warrior Lodge - "Bar Kokhba's Chosen"
  • WS Game Rules - which allows you to enable/disable the creation of any specific Warrior Society of your choosing. There's also a setting that allows you to enable the AI to create any of the Warrior Societies if the AI meets the critera for it.
Co-Emperors and Symbasileis (HIP Only)

Co-Emperors and Symbasileis (HIP Only) is the HIP (Frosty3) compatibility version of bighungryjames' Co-Emperors and Symbasileuses for Byzantine Emperors.

ONLY use this version if you are playing with the Historical Immersion Project's EMF submod enabled. EMF is always enabled by default when you install HIP.

Also, it's recommended to use the CPRplus module as well.
You might experience issues with the portraits otherwise if you don't use the CPRplus module.

In short it adds a minor title (Co-Emperor) to the Byzantine/Roman Empire that you can give to whoever you want to succeed your character as Emperor. The Co-Emperor or Symbasileus will make the holder a council voter and will improve the holder's chances on getting elected as Emperor.

Also, all children born after the appointment to Co-Emperor will be considered as born in the purple.

Patch 2
  • You can now appoint your Co-Emperors to the commander title even when they are not landed.
  • Now your Co-Emperors will give you a slight buff to vassal limit via a special type of law, up to a maximum bonus of 10 depending on how many Co-Emperors you have appointed.
  • Nerfed the monthly salary of Co-Emperors down to a more sane level, which is much closer to the monthly salary provided by other jobs and minor titles.
The Triumvirate Update
  • You can now appoint up to three Co-Emperors simultaneously, though only the first Co-Emperor you appoint will become Co-Ruler and gain a council seat.
  • Added "Favor Co-Emperor" mechanic which will allow you to choose or replace which Co-Emperor you want to be Co-Ruler. The Co-Ruler is now meant to represent the one Co-Emperor you want to succeed you as senior Emperor. The Co-Ruler will gain a slight advantage in the succession voting compared to the other Co-Emperors.
    The Co-Ruler cannot take up a traditional seat on the council (Chancellor, Marshal, Steward etc.) without giving his position as Co-Ruler.
  • Your Co-Emperors will now start to use Imperial Regalia (crown and royal clothes) after their appointment
Imperial Stratocracy (HIP)

While the new Imperial government type for the Byzantines/Romans is shiny and all, with it you can only employ landed commanders. This becomes especially frustrating with the Conclave education system, while quite improved in HIP compared to CK2 vanilla, the AI is still likely to get non-martial educations. So, you might end up with quite martially incompetent vassal commanders despite all of your efforts.

This rather minor mod fixes this by increasing the marital weights/factors for Imperial/Feudal vassals under the Imperial government. These weights will only apply when the top liege is of the Imperial government type. About 50% of all male children should in theory choose the Struggle and Martial Education foci. Female children will also get the increased weights if the succession laws in the Empire either make them equal or favor them during succession.

Note: Imperial Stratocracy (HIP) does not have a dedicated Steam Workshop page. The linked Workshop page is for the vanilla version, but it does contain a download link to the HIP version in the Mod Compatibility section of the page.

Christian Warrior Society (HIP) - DISCONTINUED
Christian Warrior Society (HIP) was a mod that added a warrior lodge called "The Champions of Christ", that functioned pretty much identical to the pagan Warrior Lodges added by Holy Fury. It has since been discontinued in favor of Warrior Societies.


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May 16, 2012
Regarding the last mod: doesn't HIP already weighs focus options?
You are quite right, HIP does indeed put weights on the focuses. Imperial Stratocracy increases the the martial weights even further and limits it to only feudal/imperial vassals.

I'm going to rewrite that section to clarify this. I've also forgotten to update the mod to Frosty3, so I need to do that too. Ops.

Edit: Imperial Stratocracy has been updated to Frosty3.
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