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Oct 30, 2015
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Well it is more like a compatibility patch than a submod, really...

First and foremost, since I tried to get in touch with someone, but I didn't really get any response, from In Heaven on his cartohraphic mod on steam workshop, or from Lord of Pain in Lindbrooks textrue map thead.
If anyone want's this little add-on removed, please send me a message and I will take it down.

Second, I would like to give the credit to HIP team, Lindbrok and In Heaven's since they created everything.. I just edited some files in photoshop to make this work to my taste.

Third, since I guess someone else would also like to play with this, I decided to share it. Basically, as the title suggests, it is the "In Heavens Cartographic map" combined with HIP / SWMH map. That's it. It's far from perfect, colouring at some places is not quite right, there are tree textures over rivers but you only notice it when you really zoom in... I really love HIP but I also really love the old medieval map style of IHCM...

How to use it: Install HIP, install "In heavens cartographic map."
Go to your mod folder and extract the archive. You should have your other mods, and TM mod's folder and mod file.
(usually documents/paradox interactive/crusader kings II/mod)

That's it. You should get more or less, good looking cartographic map conversion to SWMH-HIP.


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Can confirm this works perfectly, though in your "TM.mod" file there are two dependencies clause where there should only be one. I moved the "In heavens Cartographic map" name into the first dependencies clause and deleted the second dependencies clause. Other than that mod is working perfectly and looking beautiful.
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HIP got updated.
I doubt that will affect this patch, since it would have to involve extensive map changes. Didn't had the time to check it myself yet, but I would be surprised if this stopped working.