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Dec 16, 2011
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As there weren't that much Akavir coas left missing, I figured to simply finish them myself. As I am not an artist, I used instead mostly different marshalling methods for d-k rank titles and some ES/ES fan-art ripped graphics for c-rank and titular titles. All the missing flags listed in EK mods !MISSING FLAGS!.txt are therefor done. Marshalling was done via lower title combining into higher title, positioning matching title map geography, odd number vassal de jure titles having the capital lower title enlarged or used as escutcheon.
I figured to release it in the public simply so you do not have to wait for the EK next public release. I will take the thread down once main public release (NOT SVN) has said coas included itself.
It is savegame compatible.

How to install:
1. Unzip the file in your EK mod folder.
2. Delete your old coa cache folder - *\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\EK021\gfx

The only coas that I didn't do are the ones with red coa placeholders, them being either mercenaries or other that I don't know if they will ever even use the coa. Mercenary coas are only used in mercenary buying window and on their armor afaik, for I don't remember ever seeing a mercenary grabbing landed title for himself and still holding his mercenary titular title, so this is likely not to bother much. Holy orders do not have any missing coas from what I checked.

If there is still something missing (like not having been listed in !MISSING FLAGS!.txt or some of the red placeholders being too much eyesore), let me know.

Constructive critics, suggestions welcome. Westerner bullies who simply seek to pick a fight not welcome, I'm real tired of you.

P.s. And moderators can check the attachment, it's not empty, this is not a trolling etc, etc.


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Hey, just want to thank you for this submod, I wanted to have a go at building an Akaviri Empire, but was put off by all the missing CoA. Currently three centuries in and still really fun.

Just found one missing county CoA - c_narasak, in the kingdom of Sung kwa. Other than that, nothing else has caught my eye.
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Added Narasak, thanks.


Seems EK devs have made their own two new CoAs, so for Musehir and Pirates you can pick between EK original and my CoAs.
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