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The one for Vyrthur, in my last game it would take years for one event to follow the other, and sometimes I've already expanded all the way to Solitude by the time I even get the option to ucre Vyrthur or steal something.
Well curing Vyrthur and stealing the scroll aren't mutually exclusive, but I think I know what you mean. I am not currently working on this mod, but I will be sure to add this to any future updates and keep you informed here when I do get round to it.

Sorry I can't be of much help right now but at least the event DOES eventually fire, it is just a matter of tweaking the mean time to happen.
Hi, I have a problem with collecting artifacts to restore trinimac. I concuered all of skyrim and half of cyrodiil and I have all of them without auriel's shield and I don't know how to obtain it. Any tips?
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Hello. I found a mistake that caused gelebor to get punished for deceived immortality. This is one parenthesis too many in the file 0_falmer_character.txt line 31-33.
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I have the latest version of everything regarding both CK2 and EK and I can't find the chantry anywhere, no matter the starting date. I don't think this mod is updated for this version, right? Pity, because I longed for a Falmer Restoration playthrough.