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Jun 6, 2016
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I first starting this project several months ago, after learning how to edit province borders, which turned into how can I add in minor rivers, then major rivers, then how can I edit the regions. Out spawned this semi-monstrosity. I've done so much now that I can hardly remember all the minor changes I've made, but just some of the major ones include:
  • Revamped Regions. Now It's no longer just "Cyrodiil" or "Elsweyr" but rather "Meirvale" which leads into "Anequina" which then leads into "Elsweyr" so on and so forth. The only exception to this rule, is Blackmarsh as this is where I got so burnt out, just simply trying to move Helstrom around, also Pyandonea.
  • Brand new rivers, both major *&* minor. Now sail down the Corbolo River, quickly transporting those necessary Legionnaires, or maybe terrorize the heart of Summerset, as the Maomer, by traversing down the river Caomus. (Fair warning, while for the most part I've *added* new rivers, in places like Pyandonea or Blackmarsh, they're instead just extensions of existing rivers or lakes. This is due to the burnout)
  • Reworked and revamped political borders. While I didn't *add* any new counties to the map, I did changed existing ones up, either by editing their borders, or re-locating them (Be careful of this one, I didn't edit the starting borders so some rulers may start with some strange or seperated borders, though I generally tried to make sure they weren't too far from their original location)
  • Minor rivers in Akavir and Pyandonea! (OK this one may seem a bit minor, but since Akavir and Pyandonea had no minor rivers, this is actually a little major)
I do wanna preface this by saying that there may be some bugs or incomplete regions. I'm sorry but at this point I'm too burnt out with CK2, and EK2 is honestly a lot of fun. The only thing I consider to be actually incomplete is that is no region revamp for Blackmarsh or Pyandonea, like there is for the rest of Tamriel.

Since I can't go into everything in detail, here're some screenshots

20220824004937_1.jpg 20220824005009_1.jpg 20220824004805_1.jpg

20220824004820_1.jpg 20220824004638_1.jpg 20220824004834_1.jpg

20220824004629_1.jpg 20220824005035_1.jpg 20220824005051_1.jpg

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Paradox for Crusader Kings II.
Bethesda for Elder Scrolls.
The Elder Kings team for the Elder Kings mod.
Bobpotato for the the L&M map, which I used as a base.


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I've overhauled the Mountains to colourize, and province borders to look rougher. I've updated the download.
I've also more heavily edited the topography this time around.
The Hew's Bane Penninsular is "thicker" and the Imperial Isle's been partially split up.
I've also included an extra file for more CoA colours. You install this into "elder-kings-ck2-master\interface\coat_of_arms" and replace the existing Coat_of_Arms.txt file
New Colours I added include:
Light Red
Fade Blue
Dark Blue
Light Gold
Fade Green
Baby Blue
Light Grey
Dark Purple
Fade Brown
Fade Red
Dark Gold
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Here're some screenshots for examples


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