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Sep 30, 2016
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Tested with svn 926

- Region of Red Mountain with its own Great Work
- Dagoth Ur as an offmap power
- Additional way to gain immortality as an Ash Creature

Red Mountain region is no longer unaccessible. As a worshipper of Dagoth Ur, you can ask him for help, hold one of the citadels around the volcano and even progress through the ranks of his minions. Make Red Mountain a seat of an Empire, and use The Heart of Lorkthan to start spreading Sixth House influence over the Vvardenfell, Morrowind and Tamriel.

I am aware that there is no single bookmark that is set after Dagoth Ur was awakened, which is one of the reasons I decided to not include such event - he is already awakened in all bookmarks. Progression and ranks of Corprus and Ash creatures are based on Morrowind mod Great House Dagoth.

More clarifications:
A lot of assets are temporary, like Great Works icon. They are low priority and I'm not really skilled at making them.
From roleplay POV it is assumed that whoever holds Red Mountain is part of Sixth House religion. Technically you can be a zealous Tribunal worshipper and build Sleeper barracks.
Though I'm not new to CK2 modding, this was a personal project that would help me expand knowledge on some of the newer features, like offmap powers and Great Works - bugs are to be expected, but I found nothing critical


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