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Sep 30, 2016
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Tested with post 0.3 version of Elder Kings, available on Git, newest as of November 2022.

Dagoth Awakened - Become an Ash creature, join Sixth House, follow Dagoth Ur to take Vvardenfell from false gods and rule from the top of Red Mountain

If you want a playthrough in Morrowind, without being forced to be a Tribunal worshipper, this might be just for you. It's not easy to break their grip on the Morrowind population and open conflict will most likely not be a good start, so start slow, spreading influence of Sixth House until you can take back the land.

- Red mountain is finally accessible. Contains fortresses of Sixth House, ruled by Ash vampires
- Great Work, based on how Heart of Lorkhan was used in Morrowind
- Dagoth Ur as an Offmap power, blessing his devoted followers
- A way to get infected with Corprus, another way to gain immortality, or succumb to its deadly effect
- Transformation process from lowly Corprus stalker to an Ash vampire, that takes decades at minimum.

Sixth House has been gaining influence over Vvardenfell over the years and Red Mountain was mostly inaccessible and hostile place to settle for anyone else.
I am aware that there is no single bookmark in the base mod, that is set after Dagoth Ur was awakened. This is one of the reasons I decided to not include such event - he is already awakened in all bookmarks.

More clarifications:
Corprus disease -
Progression is such: Corprus stalker -> Lame corprus -> Ash slave -> Ash Priest -> Ascended Sleeper -> Ash Vampire. I based them of Great House Dagoth mod for Morrowind. Logic of that is based on how each stage looked like in game Morrowind itself, especially from ash slave upwards (losing eyes, so they can be replaced by tentacles).

Corprus stalker form can occur to any character in the world spontaneously, most of which will not survive. Those who are strong enough, might be offered a way to progress to Ash slave stage, which is the first one which will not kill them.

For player (and technically, AI), followers of Sixth House can ask for Divine Disease progression in Dagoth Ur's Offmap power menu. Each stage will require you to stay in it for a while, so beware of the risk.

Red Mountain -
It should not be overpowered, as I based it on some of the existing Towers. Full potential can only be achieved as a Sixth House religion, or a member of the Sixth House society, though even without it, it's a very good and defensible capital region

- Version 0.7 - compatible with newest Elder Kings as of Nov. 2022


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Hey, sorry for delay. Uploaded a new file that should work well with current release of EK (0.3). Tested it a bit myself and found no big issues. In the last changes the EK Team did, they refactored triggers files, so that screwed up with what I made in previous release.

I'll try to work a bit more on the submod, perhaps start by changing templates, like Inner sanctum image into unique ones, before proceding to expanding features.
Updated to 0.7 - Is compatible with newest Elder Kings from the Team's git repository.
Made more updates to the submod and as such it contains a bunch of fixes and new stuff like consequences of corprus.
I replaced, most likely, all the placeholders with immersive assets, to make it more enjoyable experience.

As of now, I see potential for improvement, especially in scope of handling disease and blight mechanics, but the base of the mod that I wanted to achieve is there.

Package with the submod is in the first post