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Apr 27, 2009
It would appear that this title is no longer supported, but regardless it can't hurt to ask right?

After the first level, my ship gets stuck in shadow mode. At first I could work around it by continuously heating up the ship, but now it is stuck. Nothing I do will change the mode.

If I reload the first mission I don't have this problem, but as soon as I beat the mission, and I begin the next one, its stuck. Is there some setting in a file that I could change? I noticed there are quite a few files with readable text...

I am running Windows XP SP3, 2 GB ram, Core 2 duo 2.2 Ghz processor, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics card...

If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them :)

Apr 27, 2009
Thanks for replying.
I googled the problem before posting here and found a reference to this problem:
Its the only place I was able to find that referred to it...The way he fixed it was to go back to a level that didn't have the problem and continue from there...
I have tried that and it doesn't work for me, I have also tried your suggestion and have not been successful.

This is a pretty cool game if I can ever get this issue resolved....I think I'm going to try and play the game from Vista and see if that has any effect...I kind of doubt it but I can't really think of anything else :-\

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Going back to a level that didn't have the problem.. in your case that would be starting anew?

And trying to reinstall the game might help too, if something has been corrupted. And shutting down extraneous programs running in the background?