stuck in monster kingdom ritual of death

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Jan 6, 2011

I´m really stuck in the mission from majesty2 monster kingdom, where you have 110 days and a very long way to the goal (stop the priestress of krypta).
Maybe someone can help me?

I tried it for sure around 30 times but the fastest way I made was in around 70-80 days to the northern river, but there are so many attacks that I´m stranded at this loaction. One attempt I made only with heavy units like minotaur and werewolfes (even expensive), one attempt with so much units as possible - I´m really despaired.

I also think where I loose the most time, this is from the second temple with this strong bears (after the ogre) - there I need a lot of time also on every further temple. I think my problem is mostly that I can´t get enough units to the locations or if than they are going back after destroying a temple - also I need around 35-40 days to have my units strong enough with upgrades (maybe this is the wrong way?).

It´s really a nice game but this mission ist frustrating :wacko:

Maybe someone can tell me so excately as possible how to manage this mission?

thanking you in anticipation


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Dec 28, 2010
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I've beaten this one twice, once on day 106 and the other on day 109. I think I had the first temple cleared by about day 50 and the others at 65-70 and 75-80. Then I took out the main Krypta temple at about day 100 and had 10 days left to school she-who-must-not-be-named. I basically do what I always do - make 1 of each guild, level up the heroes and their gear, and make intelligent use of attack flags and inns.

A few things I remember that were apart from my normal strategy here were: 1) make lots of "outposts." By that I mean build an inn with a wizard tower by it at various waypoints on the map. That way fleeing heroes won't run all the way back to your castle when they are fleeing. If you can afford it, an extra blacksmith near one of your farther outposts can help for heroes who never bothered to go shopping. 2) If you don't already have two lich guilds, build the second one before you do the optional vampire crypt quest. It levels level 1 liches to level 14... voila, three level 14 liches for you. 3) Though I don't normally use them, parties helped me for the later goals in the map.

I made sure to have at least two parties that were very hardy and strong (for example spearman, lich, minotaur, and shaman) and another two for DPS (Koatl, lich, ratman, whatever) all of which were lead by someone likely to respond to attack flags. The shaman parties were basically able to go from temple to lair to temple etc. without needing a return trip to town and they were the ones who slowly carved their way to the Krypta temple. Once you clear that you get a shortcut to that area from the south - build an inn their beforehand so you can lure heroes when you need them. Then save up a scepter of sidrian, wipe out the bosses backup and dump a huge flag on her (5-7k) and she'll go down. You might have to micro-manage the party that engages her first until backup arrives. Hope that helps.
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Mar 21, 2009
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I did it in around 60 days. I found all the missions easy if you have 2-3 werewolves. Werewolves are unstoppable. I put them in the same group and that is all you need.


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Jan 28, 2013
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I can finish between 105-110 days. Basically I build 3 of each guild. If I remember correctly, I started with upgrade to castle, market directly south, rogish guild south of that, and wraths far south- so it will allow you to see the first trade post. Summon a full set of goblin rogues, 1 wrath, and start potion vendor. Next you want to quickly upgrade the market as well as getting hall of lords thing (of course my lords are all rogues so they are cheap). Soon as two lords are summoned kill off the first enemy temple. Now grow like crazy. Get the wraths pet + ae stuff. Using the cheapest guilds spread east down the road, keeping them in sight range of each other. When you trigger the ogres sequence make sure you have AE damage clicky ready and about 1.5-2k for protectors. I should also mention I skip building a new temple or any blacksmith at this point. Win or lose with ogres and you can build next trade post, throw two towers directly north side by side. Put defense up on the left tower and hold. Now start another flood of guilds, cheapest first. Also start a blacksmith and get first two ranks of armor only (avoid weapons). By around day 45-50 you should have at least 50 heros (I think I have one minotaur guild and no wolves at this point). Take 5k and charge the next temple. Build two wolves and one minotaur north of the trade post keeping minor defense on the north most guild. Now take about 7k and charge the last temple before the river. You should be around day 65-75 at this point. Build your last guilds, finish armor to highest level, start and finish all weapons, a few key potions, all temples, and keep a large defense near the mouth of the river. Going Asap explore the area to the NW back to the south and destroy all monster spawn points, make sure when you clear the vamp area you use a ton of money so the wraths will go there,10-15k at least. If you have time build your final NW trade post and defend it (I skipped this). Now save your ae clicky to chain click for the rest. Put about 10k on the next temple and 4k on at least 3 of the hero's roaming about it. Soon as your first wave hits there use your AE clicky. Res as you can, chain the AE clicky, and add attack flags as new heros spawn. It took me until about day 95-100 to finish this and a ton of deaths, long long fight. After this I charged the temple south immediately using the clicky to once again help clear the way. That will make a clear path to the final ritual and an easy last fight. Set a very large exploration flag around the ritual and hit your ae clicky on it if you can. As it is partially visible at this point you actually kill the couple priestests that are in range, making it easier for the first few there to survive. The lvl 5 enemies dies just from the AE click, the boss however is slightly harder but not really if she gets swarmed.

Note: the reason you wait to get weapons is that your exp is determined by how many hits you make not how hard you hit. By keeping your hero attack lower they will level much faster. So when they do get weapons they will be much much stronger. You will also want to do potions last so that your heros will spend money on equipment not heal pots. I do not use groups. I also place inns at key defense points just to intice my heros to visit that area. I should also note I try to get stun and attack debuff abilities as I can.


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Jan 8, 2018
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I did this one in about 70 days, I built 2 of each guild and went for pure eco. Cleared the first camp in 50 days the second in 60 (near the ogres). Then i tried to get my units to scout as far as possible. After that I kept building Lich towers towards the altar where the "Boss" is. I made a lich guild for more vision and built 3 lich towers near the graveyards south of the altar. I researched the lighting spell from the lich guild and spammed it on the priestess, and whenever the Scepter damage spell was ready I used that as well. Got here without even getting there with heroes.