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Sep 15, 2023
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how solution for this loading heng since i been waited for 4 hours and is still loading... ? hope can find a solution for this issues...


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I see the launcher is an old version too, so most likely a firewall is preventing both.

If you have a VPN, turn that on before running the game. Failing that, use a mobile phone hotspot just for this part. Does that get past the problem?
There are still firewalls in your network modem/router, and your ISP. If we can't test with a VPN or a mobile hotspot, we don't have much in the way of other tests we can use here.

Can you move this machine to another network as a test, OR use another machine on this network tose if it happens there?
i dont think so as that my only network and this the only clients stuck me for almost 4 hours that cant load ... i still can play in safe mode though...(after downloading microsoft c after many help in youtube that i found ) just that i just dont get it what happened to the client... ( network modem/router i dont think that the problem from it since my friend is playing too with this modem/router) so may i know how to fix it or do i need to wait for a update because i just want to play with some friends
There will be no more updates to this game I'm afraid. But clearly this is not a game bug, or your friend would get it too, as would everyone else.

What if your friend runs his copy of the game on your computer. Does it have the same issue?

What if you run your copy on their machine?
i dont try that as we use our own steam account to play this game... but is weird .. previously i play is okay but now got this issues after downloading this client ...and cant load. my friend got it once and he restart and everything loaded but mine cant.... so weird... can help solve this as i not sure this will affect to play mutiplayer...
i dont try that as we use our own steam account to play this game.
I don't follow this, I am sorry - why can you not log in with your Steam account on their machine, and vice versa?
Well, if I knew how to fix it I would have shared that fix already!

What I was trying to do is determine if this problem is confined to one machine, or one user account, or what. If you are not willing to test that, or the VPN idea, or move your machine to elsewhere/another machine here ... well, I'm a bit stuck for any other diagnostic steps, frankly.