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Oct 7, 2016
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Hello Friends,

After finishing a German campaign on Hard AI I decided to try a more challenging major: France. The Axis AI is set to very hard, getting the following benefits, among others:

    supply_consumption = -0.25
    supply_throughput = 0.25
    naval_base_efficiency = 0.25
    reinforcement_bonus = 0.25
    org_regain = 0.25
    officer_recruitment = 0.25
    territorial_pride = 0.1
    war_exhaustion = -0.1
    national_unity = 0.1
    global_money = 0.25
    industrial_efficiency = 0.05
    research_efficiency = 0.1
    dissent = -0.05
    war_consumer_goods_demand = -0.05
    peace_consumer_goods_demand = -0.05
    counter_espionage = 0.1
    espionage_bonus = 0.1
    counter_intelligence = 0.1
Episode #1

As per my usual modus operandi I will try to play a realistic historically plausible campaign, so I won't do any crazy min maxing trying to win at any cost. The purpose is to see if I can defend France and if yes, for how long. If the opportunity arises, who knows what might happen. A french-led Operation UNTHINKABLE? French dominance in Europe? A rearrangement of world wide power projection?

We will also keep a close eye on what happens in other parts of the World, particularly in the Far East.

As this is a stream, you are more than welcome to join us on either




or you can rewatch the stream in this Youtube playlist:


Alex Kernel

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Jul 16, 2012
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Hello @HFaber, nice to see your project. After finishing my Romania campaign, which you're welcome to follow, my intention was to start an AAR with France as well to test if this country is viable to play with, but at the normal difficulty level since I'm not that experienced. Let's try separately on our own ways, though my scenario will start in a few months.

Do you play a modded version of the game?