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Jul 10, 2002
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I have the latest version of the patch.

Playing as Italy in 1936 I tried to SR my fighter planes from Ethiopia to bring them back home. I don't know how could they arrive to Ethiopia indeed, since when they are ready to be redeployed, I can only redeploy them in Ethiopia. Sometimes it happened to me that after SR I could aggregate them to a naval group, so they appear on top of it even though the squadron doesn't posses any CV. Then if I select the squadron and I click on the airplane, the game crashes.



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May 31, 2002
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You can only SR from province A to province B if you have a unbroken line of provinces from A to B... So no SR from Africa to Europe...


Jul 10, 2002
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Yes, that's ok and it's clear.

So how the italian could be able to have fighters in Ethiopia if there is no way to bring them back home?

This is a sort of paradox!
Mar 14, 2003
Which scenario is this 1939? Think of it this way.... the British gave them MA and then revoked when Italy decided to go on a rampage. Now they wont let them fly though the airspace. The only way to get them back is to

1) join NAfrica with East Africa.
2) Upgrade so that can reach friendly province and then Italy
3) Use a carrier
4) Have you tried to SR until you reclaim Ethiopia so that they are in the SR Queue until you redeploy them?
5) Ask UK or other nation for MA. IIRC Saudi will be in range of Dokenesis Island so you could try there.