Still no lost tech in multiplayer, any mods to add it?

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May 11, 2020
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The fact that they don't just make an option for lost tech in multiplayer is a garbage move i just bought the expansions for me and my brother thinking they woulda put that in multiplayer by now, but no such a simple thing that could be patched why not do it?
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Prussian Havoc

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May 12, 2017
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Excellent question. We’ve tried to mod Multiplayer. Multiplayer Matchmaking and Match Stability has degraded over time as the BATTLETECH game has matured, more code, more game mechanisms and more DLCs have been added. While Single Player BATTLETECH has proven to me to be quite stable, BATTLETECH Multiplayer is not so fortunate.

We‘ve tried to add Mods into Multiplayer and either a synch proves impossible or Stability further degraded to where a complete match is just not possible.

If you find a way to improve Multiplayer Stability or manage some Modded Multiplayer gameplay, please let me know as I’ve just not been able to make it work.

Good luck and good gaming. :bow: