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Feb 20, 2020
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Hello Stellaris Community!

The First Contact Story Pack is out! The Stellaris team spent a lot of time leading up to this release sharing Community artwork amongst ourselves in our internal chats and DMs. We thought: what better way to thank the community for all their amazing artwork before the release, than to recognize the amazing artistic talents of the Stellaris community post-release?

SO! From now until April 3rd, submit your piece of Stellaris First Contact artwork in this thread, on our discord in #stellARTis-competition, or on Twitter with the hashtag #stellARTiscompetition and get a chance to win a First Contact Story Pack or Stellaris base-game code that you can keep, or give to a friend. All entries will be reviewed by the Community Team to ensure they follow the rules (see the rules here), and then a panel of Stellaris Artists will pick their three favorites.

Additionally, as a thank you for entering, we will be giving away three Stellaris base-game codes to random, non-winning entries from the competition. Everyone has that one friend who loves watching playthroughs of the game, but isn’t sure about buying it – well, now you can win them a game code, before you purge them from the face of the galax–-er, befriend them. Fanatically. Of course.

No AI artwork submissions, please. You can read the full Terms and Conditions here.

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 StellARTis Competition, and we look forward to seeing your entries!

EDIT: Winners will be announced Tuesday, April 11th, due to the long weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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The Isolationist Experience.png

The Isolationist Experience
As far as I understand is posting my drawing on this thread all I have to do to participate in the contest.
I hope this is the case and that I'm now taking part in the competition.
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