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The official Stellaris wiki is meant to be a source of various information regarding the game.
Before release, this will consist of info such as dev diaries and features mentioned in previews and similar.

The features page may be of particular interest; it's an attempt to sum up all the info released so far.

If you'd like to help improve the wiki, there are some suggestions available here.

Visit the wiki here.
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Nice,knew we could trust you Meneth. :)
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Dat fungoid o.o
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Sorry to bump this, but wouldn't this thread be better as a sticky?
A wiki is very welcome, but will someone also prepare a useful manual?
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Why is there no marriages in Stellaris? I mean between two same races with monarchies as their government?
Well, i think in those times they dont need a marriage to get an alliance. Governors will marry just some model, which isn't a "noble"
And... Well. If the Bird-man Prince marries the Molluscoid Princess, I really doubt they would get any children
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Oh yeah, I am pumped for this game.