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Sep 17, 2017
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Hi! Arithmetician here! I just wrapped up my first full game following the release of the Nemesis expansion ( I had a few false starts before this one), and it was a pretty fun one, so I figured I would share my experience in another AAR.

Like many of my past AARs, this is a Star Wars-themed one, but there are some key differences. Foremost among them, this entire run is on Ironman mode, which is actually the first time I've really done Ironman to any meaningful extent. I managed to find a achievement-compatible mod on the workshop that gives a variety of Star Wars ships (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906100225). Then, using its code as a guide, I made my own version of it for personal use, overwriting the Imperial shipset instead of the Arthropoid one, and swapping out some of the models with other ones from some other Star Wars mods to better match the aesthetics of the story I wanted to tell.

Additionally, I used a number of other cosmetic mods to further the Star Wars feel of the game, as well as some music, sound effect, and advisor mods. Since strangely namelists CAN'T be modded while still being achievement-compatible, I used the Commonwealth of Man's namelist, as its ship names seemed most evocative of the style that I wanted.

With that out of the way, onward to my nation's build for this campaign.

Republic Core Build.png

We will be playing as the Republic Core, the remnants of the now-fallen Old Republic, representing the wealthiest and most influential planets of the core worlds. Coruscant itself was sacked millennia ago, and the destruction was so severe that we are only now returning to the stars.

We will be seeking to diplomatically expand our influence and establish a powerful federation, and our Civic/ethos choices reflect that, with Diplomatic Corp and Xenophile for additional envoys. Once the Galactic Community is established, we will also strive to wield political power there, so Egalitarian and Parliamentary System will generate more Influence for us, which will also help with early expansion. Spiritualist of course represents the influence of the Jedi Order, and gives us a Temple to start with on Coruscant.

As for traits, we started from baseline humans and then modified them for flavor. Adaptive and Nomadic are retained, and Natural Engineers is added (as it seems fitting for those who would build a planet-spanning ecumenopolis). As for negative traits, Decadent and Deviants represent the corruption and fractiousness that could be found in the Republic.

I'll be posting the first "Episode" proper soon. I hope you enjoy reading my AAR!
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Episode I: Return of the Republic (2200 - 2230)
Starting Position Republic.png

Coruscant... the former Queen of the Core, sitting almost at the inner edge of the galactic habitable zone, along what had used to be major trade routes that had spread its influence far and wide, and to the south of the Jimorban Dust Clouds, which had brought great wealth to the early Old Republic with their busy nebula refineries.

That age, of course, was long past.

Coruscant System.png

Coruscant had been sacked at the end of a terrible war almost 2,200 years before, and only now was it truly beginning to recover from the damage, though much of its once great Galactic City still remained in ruins.

No one knew what had become of the enemy that had laid waste to the capital, save that they had mysteriously vanished when on the verge of total victory.

Chancellor Tarsus Valorum.png

Much of the credit for the Republic's return to the stars must go to Chancellor Tarsus Valorum. An explorer at heart, he wanted to chart the outlying star systems and expand the Republic's borders, and would soon gain a much-deserved reputation as a champion of the people. So as to better provide for them, and invest more in scientific endeavors, the Republic's small navy was disbanded as an unnecessary expenditure, and its vessels repurposed into science ships.

First League Discovery.png

It wasn't long after being exploratory efforts in earnest that Republic scientists discovered evidence of the ancient "First League", a government very much like the Old Republic, but far older. In light of the discovery, some even began to speculate if Coruscant itself could have once been a colony of the First League, though any archaeological sites unfortunately would have been long since paved over by the construction of the Galactic City.

L-Gate Ribellian Vortex.png

More discoveries were soon made. There was a mysterious structure, dubbed an "L-Gate", orbiting the Ribellan Vortex.

Corellia System.png

Hidden in the nebula, but a single hyperlane jump away from Coruscant, was a system with two dry, habitable planets, and a temperate continental moon. Further analysis of the system and referencing ancient records revealed that this had once been home to the prosperous colony of Corellia, a major shipbuilding hub of the Old Republic, and the system was renamed accordingly.

Meanwhile, recolonization of another Old Republic colony, Corulag, was proceeding smoothly.

Empress Teta.png

Analysis of alien logs led the Republic to the Mubblar System, home to the fabled Rubricator, though like Coruscant, the planet had fallen into ruin. The planet and its system was renamed Empress Teta, as it too appeared to have once belonged to the Old Republic, before being overtaken by a species of kleptomaniac rats after the downfall of the Old Republic.

Curators Anaxes.png

First contact was made with the Curators, floating jellyfish-like molluscoids who lived upon a large but lonely space station. It was situated along a strategically important hyperlane chokepoint, so efforts to fortify the system began. A single well-positioned starbase could do far more to protect the Republic against possible future aggressors than a small navy.

Sea of Consciousness.png

Reports came in of a mesmerizing ocean world, the sea of which was in some way alive. The Jedi Knights, members of a monastic order that had long protected and guided the Republic, recognized it as a holy place and their ancestral home, Ahch-To. Eventually, meditating on the mysteries of Ahch-To's sea would lead to insights into Psionic Theory, awakening many to the same powers as the Jedi.

Chancellor Valorum handily won re-election to a second ten-year term, but it was also around this time that factions began to form. Valorum himself headed the Alien Freedom Trust, while Scientist Hassan Ibrahim led the Conclave of the Force. He did not get along well with Scientist Ammar Ishak, who held considerably more materialistic views and led the Council of Scientific Betterment. Scientist Dragomirova founded the Republic's first egalitarian faction, the Liberty Now Network, but some whispered that she was more than a bit eccentric and had few real principles, and would lead any faction if she thought it would bring her influence.

Orbis Transmission.png

Contact was soon established with the 'Beta Aliens', who were revealed to be the Orbis of Orbis Customer Synergies, a powerful megacorporation, originally specializing in optical implants, before becoming a hyper-communications juggernaut and absorbing most other industries on their home planet of Slephus Prime.

In many ways, Orbisur ideology was opposed to the Republic's own: they were authoritarians and were dismissive of the Force, focusing on the acquisition of material wealth. Nonetheless, they appeared to be friendly, and had even actively aided the process of deciphering their language by sending the Republic a large data transmission early in the First Contact process. Their relays would be most useful for boosting the Republic's HoloNet signals, and so the Republic Core soon thereafter entered into a Commercial Pact with them.

A massive, ruined Matter Decompressor was soon sighted in Orbis space, orbiting the Pathabaan Vortex, just a single jump away from the Orbisur capital, but for now it would remain but a curiosity.

Ruined Ring World.png

Further to the Galactic north of Coruscant, another L-Gate was discovered. It was still situated in what could broadly be considered the "Outer Core", but given its greater distance from Coruscant, the region was informally dubbed "The Colonies" instead. And nearby the L-Gate, in the Cyteen System, the ruins of an enormous Ring World were found.

The technology to repair the Ring World was far beyond the Republic, but if it could ever be restored, it would serve as an ideal base for virtually endless foundries and industry. The Ringworld would be renamed the "Kuat Ring", and the system's name would eventually be changed to Kuat at well.


Also in the Colonies, a pre-FTL Machine Age civilization was discovered on Salluria IV, the Raxycodium. Chancellor Valorum resolved to reach out to the Raxycodium when possible, and enlighten them so that they could become full members of the Republic.

Valorum narrowly lost re-election to Hassan Ibrahim, who claimed victory due to the powerful support of the Conclave of the Force, but out of respect for the former Chancellor, Ibrahim continued many of his polices. As for Valorum, he became the highly-respected governor of the Coruscant Sector.

First League Headquarters.png

Eventually, enough First League artifacts were discovered to pinpoint the location of its former headquarters, Fen Habbanis III. It was nearby Empress Teta, and both of them lay within the Coruscant sector, undeniable proof that it had once bene one of the most highly-developed and prosperous regions of the galaxy.

Chinorr Combine.png

New contacts were soon made. The Chinorr Combine were another powerful megacorporation based in the Inner Rim, primarily focused on prospecting and heavy industry, though they also had a very strong technological base, significantly ahead of other known star nations. They were considerably more ruthless than the Orbisur, but they were still amenable to mutual trade with the Republic.

Chinorr Combine Location.png

Additionally, to the Galactic South, there was the avian Tezekian Coalition, led by a military junta. Relations between the Tezekians and Orbis Customer Synergies quickly soured due to opposing ideologies and border friction, and the Tezekians soon thereafter declared the Orbisur their rivals.

( I forgot to get a screenshot of first contact with the Tezekians, but they have the same portrait as the preset Kilik Cooperative).

Tezekians Declare War.png

The Republic, reforming its government following the rise of several powerful Merchant Guilds within its Senate (Parliamentary System), had shortly beforehand founded a Trade League with the Orbisur, which would lay the foundations for a broader Galactic Republic, with the Republic Core as its leader. However, this would draw the Republic into War against the Tezekian Coalition.

The Ymorz Enlightened Kingdom had also been discovered around this time, also a nation stretching along the Core. As they were considerably more powerful than the Republic, and it could not afford a war with them, envoys were sent to maintain good relations with the hydra-like Ymorz.

Relative Navy Strength.png

While Chancellor Ibrahim had begun building a small fleet for patrolling trade routes, it was utterly inadequate next to the size of the Tezekian navy. As there was no chance of defeating the Tezekians in open battle, the Chancellor instead decided to focus on further fortifying the Anaxes Station with defense platforms and massing what naval forces the Republic had there. As long as Anaxes was defended, the Tezekians could not invade core Republic territory. The Orbisur would be forced to bear the brunt of the Tezekian assault, though the Republic would continue to support its war effort through trade.

Fossilized Remains.png

While the Republic was continuing to ready its defenses, an archaeological site was discovered on the ocean world of Bestine, in the Colonies. Excavation would eventually reveal the relic known as the Blade of the Huntress, though that would not be until several years later.

Militarized Economy.png

Under increasing pressure to accelerate the pace of the Republic's military buildup, Chancellor Ibrahim switched the Republic onto a war economy, relying on trade with Orbis Customer Synergies to supply the consumer goods that the population needed.

Assembly of Pelisimus States.png

Keepers of Ave'Brenn.png

Contact was made with two more star nations, located within the Inner Rim, though on in the Galactic East. They were too far away to be immediately diplomatically relevant in the war, and the Republic lacked envoys to spare at the time. While every effort was made to establish positive relations with them, and at first such efforts were successful, this would have lasting repercussions.

Patriotic Vanguard.png

Still intensely dissatisfied with the Chancellor's prosecution of the war effort, Scientist Lutendo Azikiwe formed the militaristic Patriotic Vanguard and announced his candidacy for Chancellor in the next election, though it was still years away.

Numistic Order.png

The arrival of the carvaneers of the Numistic Order and the Vengralian Trim offered new economic opportunities for the Republic.

Defeat in First War.png

But none of it could stave off inevitable defeat. Fortunately, the Tezekians had simply set out to humiliate Orbis Customer Synergies, so their territorial integrity remained essentially intact. The Republic Core itself had avoided any territorial incursions by the Tezekians, and the Chancellor pointed to this as the success of his strategy, but very few in the Republic were satisfied. While their own government hadn't been forced to sign humiliating terms, their pride had been wounded just as much, if not more than the Orbisur.

They were resolved to ensure that the Republic would never be so vulnerable again.
Episode II, Part I (2230-2241)
Galactic East.png

In 2232, contact was made with several nations in the Galactic East. It was not a particularly friendly place, home to the slaving Tyznn Empire and Xanid Suzerainty, along with the Tebrid Homlog, machines driven to assimilate all organic species into their collective. To the Republic's dismay, the Ymorz soon signed a defensive pact with the Suzerainty, but diplomats remained hopeful that they could turn the Ymorz to the Republic's way of thinking, given enough time. In any case, the Ymorz were still far too powerful for the Republic to risk anything but positive relations with them.

Glebsig Progenitors.png

Later that year, contact was made with the Glebsig Progenitors to the Galactic North, an ancient and unimaginably powerful "fallen" empire. Curiously, they looked identical the Curators. Could the Curators have been an offshoot of the Glebsig, or was it merely a case of convergent evolution at work?

Mind Over Matter.png

Research into Psionic Theory following the study of Ahch-To's seas bore fruit, and previously latent force-sensitivity began to manifest itself in the Republic's population on a scale never seen before. The Jedi soon found themselves with plenty of new padawans to train.

Militarist Chancellor.png

With militarist sentiment still running high after the Republic's loss in the war against the Tezekians, Lutendo Azikiwe won election to the office of Supreme Chancellor in 2235, and continued to passionately advocate for further militarization to defend against unfriendly star nations. Three years later, these efforts would bear fruit, with the Republic officially amending its Constitution to embrace core militarist tenets. Some worried that the move came at the expense of the Egalitarian foundations of the Republic, especially social programs, though Chancellor Azikiwe argued that the Republic could not afford frivolous expenditures on utopian projects when enemies were at the gates. Nonetheless, in spite of the critic's fears, the Republic maintained a very high standard of civil liberties, which was essentially unchanged in spite of the constitutional change.


More contacts were made. First, there was the genocidal Prikiki-Ti, in the Galactic south.

Raxycodium Union.png

Then, the enlightenment of the inhabitants of Salluria IV was completed.

"The Raxycodium Union is at your disposal, Chancellor."

Many were dismayed that the Raxycodium had formed a totalitarian regime in spite of the Republic's guidance, but their loyalty could not be denied.

Jakly Archivists.png

The Jakly Archivists, another Fallen Empire, were soon thereafter discovered to the Galactic West. They lived on a sprawling ecumenopolis, similar to Coruscant in its prime, but vastly more advanced. They seemed a bit miffed when the Glebsig were brought up, but refused to elaborate further, and were generally dismissive of the Republic.

Around this time, the Xanid Suzerainty and the Tebrid Homlog went to war with each other, leading to a slow but steady trickle of refugees making their way to Republic space. But the war was distant, and something else received far more attention in Republic media...

Rise of the Manifesti Begins.png

Rise of the Manifesti.png

Manifesti Weave.png

Unusual protests began on Empress Teta, soon coalescing into a new faction led by Sonia Dragomirova, absorbing the membership of her former egalitarian faction. Calling themselves the Manifesti Weave, they began issuing various illogical demands to the government, and generally causing significant unrest throughout the Republic Core.

No one could explain the origins of the Manifesti... but unknown to the Republic, an insidious nemesis lurked in the shadows.

Darth Jefferius Manifesti.png

"You have done well, Scientist Dragomirova," the hooded figure in the hologram said in a raspy voice. "I trust you enjoyed the art that I supplied for the Manifesti."

"I have indeed. I am most grateful for your support, Lord Jefferius. I feel the Republic has been losing its way as of late. This will bring much-needed joy to the people."

"And power to yourself. Already, the Manifesti have swelled to become the equal of any other faction."

"You know much, Lord Jefferius. I pray that soon we shall be able to bring the change that the Republic needs."

"Patience, Scienist. Change will come to the Republic, and more than you can realize. I trust you can handle the movement in the meantime."

"Are you going somewhere, Lord Jefferius?"

"There has been a great disturbance in the Force," the hooded figure replied. "As such, there is business that I must conduct elsewhere for some time. But do not fear. I know how to find you should the need arise."

"Yes, Lord Jefferius."

With that, the transmission ended.

(Credit to as the original source of Lord "Jeff"'s picture above).
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The Sith approach influence...

I wonder if the Sith are the enemy that destroyed the Old Republic?

Good AAR!
Episode II, Part II (2241-2245)
The Null Void.png

Corellia was found to be home to a Dimensional Portal, connecting to the mysterious "Null Void". In addition to providing a small but steady supply of exotic dark matter for research, it lead to the development of the "Null Void Beam", which excelled at dissipating energy shields.

Vengralian Sales Contingent.png

Chancellor Azikiwe made a mutually beneficial deal with the Vengralian Trium, which promised to greatly increase the Republic's trade value and offset the ballooning budget deficit brought about by his expansion of the military. However, he was vigorously attacked over the deal by Scientist Sonia Dragomirova, who charged that he had effectively sold Republic citizens into slavery.

Sonia Dragomirova Chancellor.png

With public opinion turning against Azikiwe and the support of the Manifesti Weave behind her, Dragomirova handily defeated him in the 2245 election.

Darth Jefferius Manifesti.png

"Allow me to offer my congratulations on your election, Chancellor Dragomirova."

"Thank you. All is as you predicted, Lord Jefferius."

"It was a small matter. Yet this is but a first step. I foresee the creation of a 'Galactic Community', with the Republic at its core; a Community that shall bring peace, freedom, justice, and security to every corner of the galaxy."

"Such a thing will truly come to pass, Lord Jefferius? It almost sounds too good to be true."

"It shall... if you choose to make it so."

"Then I will bring this Community into reality, Lord Jefferius."

"Goooood...." The hooded figure chuckled. "Continue to explore the outlying star systems, Chancellor, and you shall find others who would join you in establishing this Community."

"We will greet them with open arms."
"We will greet them with open arms."
For some unexplained reason, I feel a sudden strong urge to do an impression of a certain Rebel commander from Return of the Jedi.

Huh. Wonder why.
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Episode II, Part III (2245-2250)
Cydran Continuity.png

Contact was soon established with the ancient Cydran Continuity. It was decided that it was best to avoid antagonizing such a powerful and erratic ancient empire.

Fallen Empires.png

The Cydran were the north to the Colonies, beyond a newly-charted but as of yet unclaimed sector of space, positioned almost as if to serve as a buffer between the Jakly Archivists and the Glebsig Progenitors. Also, in the Gamma Draconis system, between the Republic Core and the Ymorz Englghtened Kingdom, lurked the enormous Tiyanki Matriarch. Like the Fallen Empires, the Republic would leave it well enough alone for the time being.

Materialist Leader Psychic.png

Ironically, Ammar Ishak would be one of the earliest leaders of the Republic outside of the Jedi to be proven to be Force-sensitive. The materialist leader firmly insisted that his new abilities were merely a scientific phenomena that required greater study, rather than being supernatural.

She of the Void.png

A large band of marauders was found occupying several large space stations to the Galactic north of Republic space, though thankfully they were too busy fighting Doctrinal Wars against each other most of the time to turn their powerful fleets against the Republic. Nonetheless, their presence cut off a potential avenue for the Republic's expansion.

Mirrovandia Vestige.png

Contact was made with another Fallen Empire, through communications exchanged with the Republic's southern contacts. The Mirovandians were far more unfriendly than the other Fallen Empires and demanded that all other star nations respect a buffer zone around their space, or be met with extreme prejudice.

Living Metal.png

The unclaimed sector to the south of the Cydran was discovered to be rich in rare strategic resources, including the newly-discovered Living Metal, so the Republic made plans to lay claim to the sector and colonize its worlds as soon as possible.

Wacegi Cabal.png

More contacts soon came in from the Galactic south. The Wacegi were a slug-like species that lived in symbiosis with a molluscoid species from their tropical homeworld. The slugs granted their molluscoid hosts sufficient intelligence to build a spacefaring civilization, and their hosts granted the slugs bodies capable of using complex tools, but much of the molluscoid's willpower was suboordinated to the slugs possessing them. The slugs were distrustful of outsiders, and regularly directed their hosts to conduct raids on neighboring worlds, seeking to pillage them for resources and slave labor. Fortunately, the slugs' particular biology meant that they were only compatible with their chosen molluscoid hosts and could not possess members of other species.

Blorg Commonality.png

The Blorg, in spite of their appearance, were far friendlier than the Wacegi - perhaps fanatically so, though they weren't afraid to use their military in pursuit of making the whole galaxy their friends. Yet there was a certain naïveté to the Blorg as well, and they were all too happy to make diplomatic agreements with anyone who approached them.

Galactic South.png

The map above shows the locations of the Vestige, the Blorg, and Wacegi in the Galactic South, along with the Prikiki-Ti. Also, around this time, the Chinorr Combine formally joined the Galactic Republic as a federal ally of the Republic Core, bringing to bear a powerful economy and a large, technologically advanced fleet that would be an important counterpoint against potential Tezekian aggression. Meanwhile, plans were underway to offer Association Status to the Ymorz, which would be officially accepted two years later.

Scyldari Confederacy.png

These contacts soon led to several others. The Scyldari were pacifists from the oceanic planet of Scyldaria, and took care to protect their homeworld's delicate ecosystem. Unfortunately for the Scyldari, their world was just a few hyperlane jumps away from Gish, the home of the genocidal Prikiki-Ti, making conflict between them inevitable.

Lokken Mechanists.png

The Lokken Mechanists occupied a group of star systems bordering the core, directly opposite of the Republic's territory. They had a democratic government, but were even more strongly dedicated to the advancement of the sciences.

Rethellian League.png

Curiously, straddling the boundary between the Inner and Outer Rims, but otherwise in proximity to the Lokken were the Rethellians, who looked identical to the Lokken, but were adapted to much cooler climates. They also shared the Lokken's dedication to the sciences, and were broadly egalitarian in outlook as well, though Rethellian political power was more highly concentrated in a committee composed of their best scientific minds, whereas scientists had more of an advisory, but nonetheless highly influential, role for the Lokken. Perhaps this difference in political organization arose from the fact that the Rethellians were more docile than their Lokken counterparts, and thus more accepting of doing what others told them.

A few more racist members of Lokken society held that the Lokken were clearly the superior of the two, having and aptitude for engineering and quickly picking up new talents that the Rethellians seemed to lack, while others more patronizingly viewed the Rethellians as the Lokken's poorer cousins, yet in their own way wished to bring their peoples together. In any case, while no official records could be found on either side in support of the theory, the galaxy as a whole widely believed that either the Rethellians were a splinter group of the Lokken, or vice versa. Their similarities seemed too strong for it to be mere coincidence.

Eruxo Watchers.png

A few days later, communication was established with the Eruxo Watchers, who bordered the core, inward of Blorg space. They were adamant that none set foot on their outlying Holy Worlds without permission.

Galactic Community Born.png

Chancellor Dragomirova set forth an ambitious proposal to unite the nations of the galaxy into an overarching "Galactic Community", where matters of galactic importance could be decided on, in the interest of promoting peace, freedom, justice and security throughout the galaxy. The proposal was enthusiastically supported, and the Galactic Community was born.

The formation of the Galactic Community also brought the Republic into contact with the shady Hazbuzan Syndicate, who operated a star-spanning criminal enterprises from the Outer Rim world of Zumaka. They were situated between the Rethellians and the Xanids.

The Artisan Headmaster.png

Lastly, the formation of the Community also led to the establishment of contact with the Artisan Troupe, led by Mynach Konning, their Headmaster. Konning quickly established a public friendship with Chancellor Dragomirova, and his work brought significant inspiration to the quirky, artistically-inclined members of the Manifesti Weave. The Chancellor informally appointed Konning as her Special Advisor for Culture and the Arts, and commissioned him to design a number of art monuments, which were soon exhibited on major Republic worlds, including Coruscant, Fen Habbanis, and Empress Teta.

Galactic Community Map.png

It seemed that a new age had dawned on the galaxy.

But sadly, peace was not to last.
the formation of the Community also led to the establishment of contact with the Artisan Troupe, led by Mynach Konning, their Headmaster. Konning quickly established a public friendship with Chancellor Dragomirova, and his work brought significant inspiration to the quirky, artistically-inclined members of the Manifesti Weave. The Chancellor informally appointed Konning as her Special Advisor for Culture and the Arts, and commissioned him to design a number of art monuments, which were soon exhibited on major Republic worlds, including Coruscant, Fen Habbanis, and Empress Teta.
Chewie, I've got a bad feeling about this...
I'm sure that this Mynach Konning is quite the charming fellow. Not suspicious at all. He's most certainly not Darth Jefferius.
Curious. I had the same thought.
Episode II, Part IV (2251)
Somewhere on Tezek...

Darth Jefferius Manifesti.png

"The Republic has grown arrogant," the hooded hologram said to the assembled Tezekian commanders. "They waste their time on frivolities, debating nonsense such as Alluvio-Liberalism, and Personal Autonomy for Munitions. As is according to my design. Now, it is the time to strike."

"What of the Chinorr, Lord Jefferius?" one of the Tezekians asked. "They could open a second front against us."

"The Chinorr Fleet is sizable, but yours is still greater than any the Republic's little band of friends can put together. Wipe out the Chinorr quickly, and the others will fall in turn. They will be no match for you. "

The Tezekian bowed. "As you wish, Lord Jefferius."

2nd Tezekian War.png

And thus, once more, the Republic found itself at war.
Episode II, Part V (2251-2256)
2nd Tezekian War Relative Navy Strength.png

The combined navy of the Republic and its allies was more of a match for the Tezekians this time, largely thanks to the contributions of the Chinorr, but the enemy still had more ships. Thus, Chancellor Dragomirova decided that it would be best for the Republic Core to focus on fortifying its bastions and then building up its navy from behind the safety of those strongholds, while providing economic support to the Orbisur and Chinorr.

Needless to say, she was savaged by her opponents, who said that she was leaving the Republic's allies to die to save her own skin. Indeed, many thought she was more concerned with securing the Galactic Market nomination and bringing in investments to enrich herself than winning the war.

Tezekians Occupy Chinnor and Orbis Space.png

The Tezekian Navy moved swiftly, occupying system after system, with planetary invasion forces following right behind them. By three years into the war, the Tezekians were on the doorsteps of the Chinorr and Orbisur homewards, and yet the Chancellor still had made no commitment of forces to the front.

Victory Class Cruiser.png

However, the Republic's scientists were working on a new weapon that they hoped could turn the tide of the war and serve as an answer to the Tezekian's cruisers, once it could be constructed in sufficient numbers, the Victory-class Star Destroyer. At 900 meters in length, it was the largest warship that the Republic had conceived to date, and armed with three powerful torpedo banks, several smaller laser batteries, and a medium null void beam to take out enemy shields. The warship's shields and armor were subpar compared to the Tezekian's, and considered by some further evidence of the Chancellor's misplaced priorities, but funding would soon be opened up to research superior defensive technologies.

Some purists from the Anaxes War College pointed out that the Victory was properly classified as a Cruiser, rather than a Destroyer, but the name "Star Destroyer" had already stuck, and would go on to be applied to other vessels developed from the Victory.

The Acclamator-class Assault Ship had also been developed concurrently to the Victory. It was smaller than the Victory, coming in at 752 meters, but still was considered a Cruiser. Originally, it had been intended to serve as a next-generation troop transport, but the Acclamator's large cargo space for its size had been hastily converted into hangars. Fighters were needed more to break the Tezekian advance at the moment, and the Acclamator would function as a carrier, bringing them far beyond the starbases that they had been previously confined to. Ground troops could come later.

Allied Capitals Occupied.png

Chancellor Dragomirova's ambition to bring the Galactic Market Nexus to Coruscant would eventually bear fruit, but not before her term had already expired, and the public remained intensely dissatisfied with her handling of the war effort. Tezekian fleets had occupied the space over both Chiconaph and Slephus, and it seemed that the Republic's allies were on the brink of utter collapse. Lutendo Azikiwe made a spirited bid to win back the Chancellorship, backed by the Militarist faction, who used all of their political capital to back him, confident that the public would yearn for his leadership once more in the midst of a war that had gone extremely poorly thus far. But the Vengralian Scandal still clung to him in the minds of the voters.

Instead, it was Tarsus Valorum who was elected once more to an office that he had not held in thirty-six years, on a platform of rebuilding the Republic's relationships with its allies by fully supporting them, and finding strength in a shared destiny together. He was replaced as Governor of the Coruscant Sector by Rashid Jamshidi, a gifted psychic, albeit one who had never been formally trained as a Jedi, as he been too old when his powers manifested, who was good friends with Azikiwe.

Ymorz Association Broken.png

Chancellor Valorum faced an early diplomatic defeat, when the Ymorz decided to end their association with the Galactic Republic, still unconvinced in its worth as a partner after Dragomirova's mismanagement.

White Peace Tezekian War.png

However, the sting of that loss was more than offset a few months later, when, acting as a mediator, Valorum helped the Chinorr. and Tezekians negotiate a ceasefire and subsequent peace agreement that would see the Tezekians withdraw from Chinorr and Orbisur space without pressing any claims against them.

While the Tezekian navy had held the upper hand throughout the war, it had become overextended in their admirals' relentless drive toward the Chinorr and Orbisur homeworlds, and its strength depleted in over repeated engagements, with the corporate navies using hit-and-run tactics to attack and destroy weaker Tezekian fleets that became separated from the main advance. The Tezekians had also suffered heavy losses on the ground while occupying Chinorr and Orbisur worlds, and were plagued by persistent insurgencies carried out by those worlds' inhabitants. Even the Tezekian military government had to ultimately bow the pressure of their public, which was exhausted of war, and had no appetite to see the costly occupations continue any longer.

The news of the end of the war was met with spontaneous celebrations across the liberated worlds, and even back on Coruscant, it felt like the dawn of a new, optimistic, and hopeful era.

Yet the shadow cast by the Republic's unseen nemesis hadn't faded in the slightest...

Amid a vast, abandoned, burned-out industrial sector in the ruins of Fen Habbanis, made unstable by a massive crevice cutting across the area, there was the remains of a towering foundry arcology.

It was here that Darth Jefferius had made his home away from home while he covertly carried out the Grand Plan from within the Republic itself. The arcology lacked the creature comforts and artistic beauty of the space station that he normally called home, but it still suited the Dark Lord. There would always be time for redecorating later, but for now it was a cruel and forbidding place... perfect for training his apprentice

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"Gooood..." the Dark Lord said, voicing his approval as his apprentice swiftly cut down the hunter-killer droids, reprogrammed drones of Tebridean make, that surrounded her. "Your hatred makes you powerful."

Indeed, he had never seen one so talented. The disturbance in the force that he had felt fifteen years ago had led him to her, on a remote world bordering the Outer Rim.

"My hatred is all I have left, Master," she said as she deactivated her red lightsaber.

"That, and the Grand Plan," the Dark Lord replied. "I took you in, and showed you your destiny as a Sith. Repeat the Code."

"Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.
Through Victory my chains are Broken.
The Force shall free me."

"Excellent. Of course, the Code bears special meaning for you, who was but a slave when I found you." He cackled wickedly. "Then again, you had already taken the first step toward your own liberation. You had reached out with the Force and crushed your former owner's thorax. You even murdered his entire family, at such a sweet, tender age, but your power lacked focus!"

His apprentice glared at him.

"Yes... I feel your anger," the Dark Lord grotesquely smiled. "But now, it is time for another part of your education. Hostilities have recently ceased between the Tezekian Coalition and the Republic. Tell me: is this development good for the Plan or not?"

"It is good for the Plan," his apprentice said without hesitation. "The Tezekians were never meant to destroy the Republic, merely to frighten its people, and ensure that it continues to develop into a military power."

"And you believe that Valorum will build up the Republic's military? Consider, he was the one who once disbanded their navy during his first term in office."

"He has learned from that mistake; peace is a lie. Only through strength can one find security in this galaxy."

"Would not Azikiwe have been better for the Plan?"

"The end result is still the same; the next Chancellor would oversee a major expansion of the Republic's navy."

"And what of Dragomirova?"

"She has served her purpose, and cannot betray you without exposing her own complicity."

Darth Jefferius laughed. "Very good, my young apprentice."
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