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Sep 17, 2017
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A Long Time Ago.png

Stellaris Wars.png

Stellaris Wars Rebellion - Imperium At War Opening Crawl.png

Hi there! Overlord is coming out in a week, I’ve all but wrapped up another campaign, and it’s Star Wars Day here (May the Fourth Be With You!). So what better way to celebrate than to introduce my new Star Wars-themed After Action Report, a sequel to Stellaris Wars: A Nemesis Ironman Saga? (Link: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/stellaris-wars-a-nemesis-ironman-saga.1477210/ )

Alliance to Restore the Republic Setup.png

(As noted in the opening crawl, we will be playing as the Alliance to Restore the Republic (a.k.a. the Rebel Alliance). We are egalitarian, xenophile, and militarist, making us Democratic Crusaders, and the Alliance is built on an Idealistic Foundation, striving to shine as a Beacon of Liberty throughout the darkness that has gripped the galaxy. The Rebellion must always be ready to be on the move (Nomadic), and must adapt to any biome while on the run from the Imperium, from the jungles of Yavin IV, to the deserts of Tatooine, to the frozen wastes of Hoth (Extremely Adaptive). Members of the Alliance highly value the historical precedent of the Republic and the legacy of the Jedi who served as its guardians of peace and justice (Traditional). However, decentralized rebel cells are often at odds with each other as to how to best proceed at fighting the Imperium, making organization difficult (Unruly), and having to move from secret base to secret base makes it more difficult to raise families (Slow Breeders).

We are a Lost Colony. This will give us excellent production on our secret base of Yavin IV, as well as spawn an advanced empire of our species somewhere in the galaxy, with random ethics and civics. However, because we are using a human species, it will always spawn in the Sol System, with a size 25 Earth. However, the location of the Sol System within the galaxy is also randomized, and is thus unknown at the start of the game.

This is my second time both playing a campaign as the Rebel Alliance and doing an AAR on the experience (for the first time, see Stellaris Wars: A New Hope, link: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/stellaris-wars-a-new-hope.1107709/).

However, Stellaris is a very different game from back then, now with formalized mechanics to both form the First Galactic Imperium and to form a Rebel Coalition to overthrow it. And, in many ways, this is a more ambitious project. The Alliance (and other resistance factions) has received a Rebel shipset (replacing the Mammalian shipset), and the infighting Sector Authorities have received Galactic Empire shipsets (replacing the Imperial shipset). Like Stellaris Wars: A Nemesis Ironman Saga, this campaign is set on ironman mode and is configured to be achievements-compatible, though I cannot share the mod that I used to enable these shipsets, as I kitbashed them from at least three or four other mods for my personal use.

For those who read Stellaris Wars: A Nemesis Ironman Saga, you will recognize a familiar cast of characters and nations. All nations, with the exception of primitives, Marauders, and Fallen Empires, were force-spawned into this galaxy, and all of them appeared in the previous campaign in one form or another. Most are under the domination of the (fractured) Galactic Imperium, ruled by a local Moff and organized into an independent “Sector Authority". Their ethics, civics, and flags have been homogenized accordingly, and most commonly are Fanatic Authoritarian / Militarist with Distinguished Admiralty and Police State, though a few Sector Authorities deviate from this based either on their respective histories in my past campaign or the inclinations of their respective leaders.

However, not all the nations of the galaxy are fully under the Imperium’s control. A few are resistance groups, that have taken advantage of the ongoing Imperial Civil Wars to establish their own secret bases and fledgling governments. These factions are more varied in their civics than those aligned with the Imperium, but all are egalitarian and militarist. Pacifism is simply not an option when faced with the tyranny of the Imperium.

Aligned with neither the Imperium or the Resistance are the Exiles, the scattered remnants of two Awakened Empires that fell in the War in Heaven, and are now rebuilding their civilizations from scratch from ancestral worlds that had, until recently, been lost to memory. Neither are friends of Democracy. Both are authoritarian governments, but the Jakly Exiles are Fanatic Materialists, while the Glebsig Exiles are Fanatic Spiritualists.

And emerging from previously uncharted systems, there are five new Fallen Empires that Imperials, Rebels, and Exiles alike must contend with, along with three new Marauder Empires. Yet unbeknownst to all of them, there is a coming storm, already heading along Vector Prime toward the galactic rim, waiting to prey upon a war-torn galaxy...

But no matter the enemies or odds that they will face, the brave soldiers, skilled pilots, and daring leaders of the Alliance will carry on, never resting until the galaxy is free and peace is restored.

Until next time... and Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Stellaris Wars II Game Settings.png
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Eagerly following this one as I did the old AARs of yours!
A Star Wars AAR? Yes...
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Prologue: A New Beginning
“So this is it. Chased by the Imperium all the way to the Outer Rim..."

“Do you think they’ll be able to find us here?"

“The system isn’t on any of the old hyperlane charts. We might not have even ended up here ourselves, if the hyperdrive on our cruiser hadn’t been damaged by that Imperial Star Destroyer."

“That’s true... but so few of us made it here from Sol."

“My friends, we knew there would be risks when we denounced the Imperium,” the former senator, now the leader of the surviving rebels, said as she joined them. “And that many good people would have to sacrifice their lives in our fight against tyranny. We must honor that sacrifice by working tirelessly, first to rebuild on our new home, then to find allies against the Imperium, and then to overthrow it and restore the Republic. It may not be within our own lifetimes, but with this new beginning, we will lay the foundations for future generations, so that they can know freedom once again. One day, our New Republic will shine as a beacon of liberty for all."

The former senator may have been viewed by many as an idealist, but she had always had a way with words. That was how she had been able to rally so much principled opposition against the Imperium, leading multiple rebel cells to coalesce around her, and then follow her to the end of the galaxy when faced with persecution.

“So shall we set down on that moon, Senator?"

Yavin IV Start Screenshot.png

She nodded. “While it’s more humid than what we were used to on Earth, the air is breathable, and the moon is rich with plant and animal life. The jungles will help conceal our presence from the Imperium. And our away teams even indicate the presence of a temple complex, left behind by some forgotten civilization. It will provide us with shelter, as we work to build infrastructure for our base, while the reactor of our cruiser can be repurposed to provide us with power. But we will never forget our old home... and one day, our descendants will see it liberated."

Starting Ruler Alliance.png
The valiant rebels begin their crusade to liberate others from the tyrannical empire.

Granted, they are a Commisariat, so let's that they keep their promises...
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Which Precursor? There's evidence of one, after all.

And let the war against the Empire begin in earnest!
Episode XIII, Part 1 - Sector of Wonders, and the Dark Lady Appears
“Incredible... To find such a paradise here, beyond the Imperium’s reach..."

Zoldiore III - Gaia World.png

Zoldiore III was the first habitable world surveyed by Alliance science vessels after they departed from the Yavin System, and it was a lush planet, teaming with life. The more spiritually-inclined members of the Alliance had little doubt that it was the will of the Force that had led them there, and the world was quickly named “New Hope."

Eye of Bal Ruined Matter Decompressor.png

But wonders greater still were to follow. A ruined Matter Decompressor was discovered in the Eye of Bal, a black hole on the trailing edge of the Outer Rim. It appeared to have been design to mine a seemingly inexhaustible supply of minerals from the black hole itself, though the technology needed to restore it was far beyond the Alliance’s capabilities.

Huur Black Hole Science Nexus.png

Three more habitable planets were quickly discovered in the sector, a pair of tropical worlds, which were named Kashyyyk and D’Qar, and a desert planet, named Tatooine. Beyond D’Qar, Alliance science teams made another incredible discovery: the ruined hull of what was determined to have been an ancient nexus for scientific research, or just a “Science Nexus”, as it came to be known.

If the spiritualists among the Alliance had any doubts in the will of the Force guiding them to the sector, those doubts were now gone. Those who subscribed to a more materialist philosophy viewed it more as the result of an exceptionally fortuitous quantum fluctuation when the hyperdrive core of the cruiser that had brought them to the sector was damaged while being pursued by the Imperium. But all could agree that the ruined megastructures would be invaluable assets for the Alliance, if they could be repaired one day.

Irassian Concordat - Alliance.png

Archaeological evidence came to suggest that the sector had once been inhabited by a powerful interstellar empire called the “Irassian Concordat”, one million years previously, and that they were the most probable architects of the megastructures that the Alliance had discovered.

TIE Scout.png

But the news reaching Alliance High Command quickly turned dire.

An Imperial TIE Scout had been detected surveying the Rimdur System, just beyond the Science Nexus in the Huur Black Hole. And it was quick to hail the Alliance’s own science vessel in the system.

“Unidentified ship: this system is now under the control of the Pelisimus Sector Authority. You will identify yourselves and prepare for boarding, so that we can inspect your cargo and interview your crew. Refusal to comply will be met with maximum force."

Gozanti Cruiser.jpg

The Alliance crew attempted to escape, but a pair Gozanti-class cruisers (though they would be considered corvettes by modern military reckoning) jumped in from a nearby system, and began to pursue.

The Alliance science vessel had almost engaged its emergency hyperdrive, when a far more imposing vessel entered the system, as if summoned by the Gozanti Cruisers.


It was an Imperial Star Destroyer, presumably the flagship of a high-ranking Imperial warlord.

Turbolasers fired, striking the hapless science vessel. The damage done was so extensive, that the crew had to shut down the main reactor to prevent a critical failure. With the subsequent loss of all engine power, the ship was unable to escape from the Star Destroyer’s tractor beam.

The brave Alliance soldiers on the doomed science ship took cover in the corridor that led to the boarding hatch, ready to make their last stand.

The hatch burst open as a platoon of plantoid Imperial troopers forced their way through. They opened fire and swiftly advanced, killing any who resisted. But the plantoids quickly stood deferentially to the side as another figure made their way onto the captured science vessel.

It was an armored figure, dressed in all black, with a mask like that of the plague doctors of old. The red lenses of the mask did not permit the eyes of the being behind the mask to be seen, only their pitiless gaze. The figure walked with an air of unchallenged authority, and was clearly more than just an ordinary Imperial warlord.

Darth Moeder Blockade Runner.png

“Lady Moeder, it is an honor,” one of the Pelisimus officers said.

“Spare me the pleasantries,” the armored figure said, her voice artificially lowered by a vocabulator built into the suit and made all the more menacing by the rasping breath that accompanied it. “Your Moff has grown lax indeed if there are rebels probing the outskirts of his sector... just as the Empress had foreseen. That is why I am here - to deal with his incompetence. Be grateful though that he will have a chance to explain his failings to me, and not my Mistress. She is not as forgiving as I am."

“The Empress is still alive then? But she has not been seen in many---"

The officer gasped as their bark began to crack, as if held in an invisible grip.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing. Your petty power struggles do not concern her, next to the power of the Dark Side. But a broader rebellion against the Imperium cannot be allowed to take root. Do I make myself clear?"

The hapless officer was violently thrown against the wall with a sweep of Darth Moeder’s talons, though she did not move to strike him from where she stood. Instead, the throw was entirely telekinetic in nature, powered by the Force.

The former officer who had dared question the Dark Lady of the Sith was killed instantly.

Darth Moeder turned to one of the surviving Pelisimus officers.

“You are in command now. Interrogate the surviving passengers and tear this ship apart, until you find the location of their rebel base. Do not fail me, Captain."

“Thank you, Lady Moeder. It will be done."

Alliance - Vessel Siezed.png
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Oh no! Hopefully the Alliance is ready to defend themselves against this sector authority. After all, they are very much hostile and will likely move against the fledgling rebel alliance if given the chance. Perhaps a major military overhaul and fortification of key checkpoints is necessary?
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Episode XIII, Part 2 - The Pelisimus Declare War

“Apology accepted, Moff,” Darth Moeder said.

A pair of Pelisimus guards dragged away the body of the late Moff.

Darth Moeder and Fronds of Silver.png

“Moff Fronds of Silver,” Darth Moeder said to the newly-promoted Moff of the Pelisimus Sector Authority, “You WILL deal with the rebels on the edge of your sector. Do I need to make any further examples?"

“No, Lady Moeder,” Fronds of Silver replied promptly.

“Good,” the Dark Lady of the Sith replied. “I expect that you will have them crushed by the time that I return."

“You are... not staying to oversee the campaign, Lady Moeder?” the new Moff asked cautiously.

“That is correct. The Empress requires that I... discipline others who have forgotten their places, lest they choke on their aspirations."

“I will not fail you, Lady Moeder."

“I hope so, for your sake, Moff."

As Darth Moeder departed, Moff Fronds of Silver turned to his admirals.

“We’ll catch the rebels with the element of surprise at the Huur Black Hole. Alert all commands. Deploy the fleet."

Pelisimus Sector Authority Declares War.png

Little did the Moff realize that the Alliance was already bracing itself against attack...

Alliance Unyielding.png
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The Star Wars references... especially the choking pun. So nice. Gives me nostalgia.

Let's hope that these Imperials will fail. The Alliance must survive!
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This is, as always, great! Darth Moeder...:cool:
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Episode XIII, Part 3 - He is as Clumsy as he is Stupid
Darth Moeder Hologram Pelisimus.png

“What is it, General?” the hologram of Darth Moeder asked.

“My Lady, the fleet has moved out of light speed. Comm scans have detected a heavily fortified starbase protecting the space around the Huur Black Hole. Its defenses are strong enough to repel any attack our sector fleet might make."

“The rebels are alerted to our presence,” Darth Moeder replied. “Your admiral gave them too much time to prepare."

“He felt that it was wiser to ensure that our logistics were in place before-"

“He is as clumsy as he is stupid. We will need to flank their position. Contact Moff Dafenn of the Vhellet Enterprises. The Imperium requires the services of his fleet."

“Yes, my Lady,” the Pelisimus general said, bowing, before leaving to see that the Dark Lady’s orders were carried out.

On her own ship, Darth Moeder contacted the admiral of the Pelisimus fleet.

“Lady Moeder-“ the admiral began, before suddenly starting to gasp under the grip of an unseen force.

“You have failed me for the last time."

Moeder swiftly promoted a new admiral to take the place of the one that she had just executed.

“Now that the rebels have entrenched themselves, it is pointless to launch a direct attack against their starbase until we have sufficient forces in the sector,” the Dark Lady said. “Hold your position in the Rimdur System. Ensure that no rebels escape. We will turn their defenses into a prison of their own making."

“Yes, Lady Moeder,” the new admiral said, all the while fervently hoping that they would be able to avoid their predecessor’s fate.
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Love the Star Wars quote

Hopefully the Empire's plan doesn't work...
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Episode XIII, Part 4 - New Friends... and Foes!
While the Alliance remained locked in a standoff with the Pelisimus Sector Authority between the Hurr Black Hole and Rimdur Systems, with neither side willing to commit their forces to an attack that would certainly be suicidal, a transmission game through from a previously uncharted star system.

Khennet Resistance.png

“Once, we were known as the Keepers of Ave’Brenn,” the lithoid speaker said. “We were once a peaceful people, seeking to commune with the sacred Kyber crystals of our home, as we were taught by the prophet Brehkk. But that was before the dark times, before the Imperium. A star of death appeared in the heavens above our colony of Rhevenn, in the distant Aulderaan System. No matter where they were, our ancestors felt a great disturbance in the Force, as billions of voices cried out and were suddenly silenced. We have been on the run from the Imperium ever since, fighting back where we can, but it was only recently that we found a new home, outside of Imperial rule, which we have named ‘New Rheven’, in eternal memory of those lost on that dark day. If you too seek to pulverize the Imperium, then we can be allies."

(The Khennet Resistance begins with Citizen Service and Memorialists in this play through).

Khennet Space.png

Khennet space was to the galactic west of the Alliance. There was also a mysterious “L-Gate” located within the Tunari Vortex, which appeared to be connected to a cluster of distant stars, beyond the edge of the galaxy, though what exactly lay there, no one could say.

While it was a blessing to meet the Khennet, the Alliance’s next contact was hostile.

Vhellet Enterprises Crop.png

“I am Moff Dafenn of the Vhellet Enterprises,” the necroid speaker announced. “Imagine my surprise when I heard that rebels were marauding through this sector! Normally, we’d be open for business to almost anyone. But we will not forget who made our prosperity possible! Long live the Imperium!"

(In Stellaris Wars: A Nemesis Ironman Saga, the Vhellet were primitives who were enlightened by the Galactic Republic, who founded their own megacorp and remained loyal when the Republic became the Imperium. As such, they are included in this campaign as one of the Imperial loyalist factions.)

Vhellet space was on the far side of the Khennet’s territory, though the fog of war shrouded what lay within.


But the Alliance and its leaders were nothing if not resilient, and with the Khennet at their side, they would continue to face the Imperium on two fronts.
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The Khennet are basically surviving Jedi, right? That's what I was getting from them.

Shame about finding *gasp* Imperial loyalists, but I suppose that was inevitable.

I wonder if killing the emperor will get the Imperial loyalists to fight each other?
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