Stellaris - Unemployed Pops Auto Demote To Workers And Surprisingly...

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First Lieutenant
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May 5, 2021
Unemployed Pops Auto Demote To Workers And Surprisingly...

Game Version
3.0.3 (8379)

What version do you use?

What expansions do you have installed?
Utopia, Apocalypse, Distant Stars, Ancient Relics, Federations

Do you have mods enabled?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
...if you open up a worker slot for them to take and then a specialist job, they won't go back to specialist job when you open the specialist job back up. If you make a worker unemployed by closing worker jobs, then the pop will become a specialist.

Disabled mods to test this.

I suspect this messes up other mods that interact with player/AI economy (StarNet). As soon as I unemploy a specialist it displays in the UI that a specialist is unemployed, however that pop immediately demotes to an unemployed worker. They will still auto resettle after being unemployed for a time. I have a transit hub. ALSO, I have to manually close all my available worker jobs to force a pop to take the specialist slot once again. Had this happen with Ullanor and the Generator Designated World. I figure two is enough for you to back trace the issue. I did use a console command to make a Transit hub on the Generator Designation World's StarBase for testing. Update update: Tested with Medgar I as there are slaves on that planet and it's not a relic world. Happens consistently. Might be a slave population interaction as it's inconsistent when there's only one species on the planet. It also seems forcibly resettling a pop prevents this bug.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
1. Select planet. Ensure there are worker jobs available update: doesn't matter, just select a planet.
2. Unemploy specialist.
3. Watch Specialist instantly demote to a worker (don't know if this only happens with planets in systems using Transit Hubs)

1. Load file. Demote specialist to make it unemployed. See them instant demote..
2. Put that unemployed pop in a worker job (like Clerks, I usually have those all turned off).
3, Watch the worker job get filled.
4. Now open up that job you just closed under Specialist.
5. The specialist job won't fill until a worker is unemployed once more.

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First Lieutenant
On Probation
May 5, 2021

Load the file. Select Ullanor. Click the minus for Duelist. That's what does it consistently. It does still happen, but it's inconsistent for other planets/specialist roles.