Stellaris - Planets not showing up in expansion planner or colonized by AI (2.8.1, dfce)

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Sep 28, 2020
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Planets not showing up in expansion planner or colonized by AI (2.8.1, dfce)

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Sometimes, habitable worlds do not show up in the expansion planner. When this happens, the AI never colonizes them, even if they have high habitability. Below you can see screenshots and a save from a recent game I observed. As you can see, there are four "green" planets within the territory of the Alvothari Empire, but they do not show up in the Empire's expansion planner and the Alvothari never colonize them (they had been like this for over a decade, with several other planets correctly colonized in that time).

Ignore the 94.5M fleet power AE, that was the result of me misunderstanding some defines I was testing.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
I'm not sure what causes this bug in all cases, but it happens reliably if a world is turned in to a tomb world via Armageddon bombardment. So:
1) Spawn a Purifier or Exterminator using Armageddon bombardment
2) Let them destroy a world
3) Watch as the new tomb world does not show up in the expansion planner
4) Watch as the AI never colonizes it (even Exterminators who don't care about habitability)

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