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Apr 11, 2011
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Heya all.

With Stellaris coming close to release, I'm sure when the game is out, many of us (and you lucky ones in the future who read this after already enjoying the game) will find features, events, stories, scenarios and bugs to relate as funny anecdotes and memes. So I thought I would create a thread similar to the meme threads on the CK2 and EU4 forums, where we can post pictures and stories of our amusing adventures in the weird and wonderful we have encountered in Stellaris.

Also, memes by Devs are highly encouraged! :D

So I thought it would be good to get the ball rolling with memes about what we know about Stellaris, also our hype and frustration with waiting for the game to come out. I shall begin :D

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I was going to say it is too early for this stuff. I would have been very wrong. Carry on ladies and gents.
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