Stellaris - Fleet Supremeacy Edict - Ship Starting Experience Does not Work[2.7.2 60bf


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Jun 13, 2016
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Fleet Supremeacy Edict - Ship Starting Experience Does not Work[2.7.2 60bf

Game Version

What version do you use?

What expansions do you have installed?
Synthetic Dawn, Utopia, Leviathans Story Pack, Apocalypse, Megacorp, Distant Stars, Ancient Relics, Lithoids, Federations

Do you have mods enabled?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
The ship_starting_experience_add modifier does not work in anything except from the Mega Shipyard or the Fleet Academy. This applies to one specific edict Fleet Supremacy which grants this bonus. I have seen this modifier used in other mods, I have found this is where the modifier does not work in the following areas.

Civics, Policies, Static Modifiers, edicts, technologies

The same can be said for the experience gain for armies and ships with the mult modifier, that never works anywhere. I have attached a screenshot of an example

Steps to reproduce the issue.
1. Start the game
2. Research the tech that grants the Fleet Supremacy Edict
3. Build a new corvette
4. Check the corvettes crew experience after built
5. Experience will be 0

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