Stellaris - First Contact Abduction Failure

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First Lieutenant
On Probation
May 5, 2021
First Contact Abduction Failure

Game Version

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Utopia, Apocalypse, Distant Stars, Ancient Relics, Federations

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Thanks for your hard work!

I'm unsure if this is a bug or not. Because of what it reads in the situation log after pausing "No traces of components that we did not already research." Most players wouldn't notice the Situation Log if they didn't pause to see that message and would possibly think, like me, it's a bug. I just happened to come across it soo many times as that's always my First protocol move (Orks Da Best!) that I decided to pause.

I've had this happen with no mods consistently. About a dozen different times as I play on hard difficulty and lose. Happened with 3.02. as well. I'm using Tiny Outliner and UI Overhaul, because it should be in the base game.

Simple. When doing First Contact Stage 2, if failed to capture the vessel where it blows up, a Situation Log appears to research the debris. I even see the orange icon on the map. I unpause and it's gone. I wonder how many play aggressive first contact. :D

Steps to reproduce the issue.
1. Find xeno.
2. Get science vessel close to xeno to abduct for sweet research!
3. Fail/they blow up their own ship and hope for consolation of researching ship.
4. Cry when the Situation log and Research icon on map disappears.

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