Duplicate Stellaris - Federation fleets won't upgrade/retrofit [2.8.1] [dfce]

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May 28, 2017
Federation fleets won't upgrade/retrofit [2.8.1] [dfce]

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I can't upgrade federation ships at all. It started when auto-upgrade just stopped working and I couldn't change the ship project without making a new one even when I removed the auto-upgrade, so I did that and all was good for a time, but by the time I had to upgrade, I noticed that while I could create new federation templates and upgrade old ones, I couldn't actually retrofit or upgrade federation ships that were already built. The game doesn't really recongize that the federation ship is obsolete, and the button to upgrade is not clickable and there is no icon signalling that you can upgrade the fleet. I tried just retrofitting the ships to a new, up to date ship project, but I could only upgrade to my empire's project(not the federation's), resulting in federation ships becoming regular ships which is the opposite of what I need. This is a problem even if I turn all of the mods off(Most of the mods I have are cosmetic or AI-related). I encountered this a few years ago even before the Federations DLC came out but forgot to report it, and it seems I'm not the only one who encountered the issue.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
Not sure on this one but this is approximately how it went
1. Normal federation gameplay, auto-upgrade on federation ships works, everything else too.
2. At some point something breaks the federation ship designer and both auto-upgrade and ship upgrades/retrofits stop working for federation fleets.
What happens in between that triggers this I do not know.

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