Stellaris - Fanatic Purifier Lithoid Necrophage lost access to Necrophage purge type as an option [2.8.0] (ce2a)

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Dec 26, 2018
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Fanatic Purifier Lithoid Necrophage lost access to Necrophage purge type as an option [2.8.0] (ce2a)

Game Version
Butler v2.8.0 (ce2a)

What version do you use?

What expansions do you have installed?
Synthetic Dawn, Utopia, Leviathans Story Pack, Apocalypse, Megacorp, Distant Stars, Ancient Relics, Lithoids, Federations

Do you have mods enabled?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
So, I started a game as a Fanatic Purifier Lithoid Necrophage, with the secondary species being of the same name/portrait as my primary species to force them as a sub-species and avoid them being considered "xeno scum". I eventually conquered a few planets from a normal neighboring empire and saw the "Necrophage" purge type as the default option for the new xeno pops, they were converted successfully. A bit later I was forced into a war with a hivemind and claimed some of their worlds, I noticed the only purge option available was "exterminate" which seemed to be working as intended since hiveminds are a unique case in and of themselves. Shortly after that I unlocked the "Transcendence" Ascension perk and completed my Psionic Ascension, immediately following that I set out to fight another organic empire, and the fragments of the great khan, after capturing several worlds from them (which had a diverse selection of different pops, maybe they had a migration treaty) I noticed that all of the newly captured xeno pops were set to "Forced Labor" as the purge type, so I went to change this to "Necrophage" like it was set to earlier on that first race, but instead I found the "Necrophage" purge type to be missing entirely. If it helps, some of the hivemind pops are still being purged, but they shouldn't affect any of the other races. I feel like either capturing hiveminds for the first time, or psionic ascending bugged out and got rid of the necrophage purge type. Ironman save btw, although I have a manual save from earlier in the game that I'll attach as well. The earlier save is during the war with the hivemind, before I capture a planet, and also before I unlock the final psionic ascension. If you can figure anything out for how I could fix this on my end please let me know, and thanks in advance. I'd really like to continue this game, but it'll be rough without that purge type.

Edit: I actually loaded up the older save myself, immediately sued for peace and b-lined to a normal organic empire world to test and see if the purge type was still available Before capturing the hiveminds and before psionic ascending, and unfortunately the purge type is still missing, which means I have absolutely no clue what could have caused it. Maybe reforming my government to add the 3rd civic, but that was quite a long time ago.

Steps to reproduce the issue.

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Feb 10, 2020
Version 2.8.1, mods Starnet, TinyUI,

This just happened to me also, a humanoid necrophage (not lithoid) also went for the first psionic ascension and lost access to the necrophage purge type. My ruler died and had to be replaced with a non-necro prepatent species leader. I used kill_ruler to get a new election and got a new necro ruler, but it does not list necro as ruler trait on mouseover anyway and there is still no necro purge type. Necro purging does not work (isn't even available) on the plantoids I'm currently conquering or the Baol pops I get from using the Baol relic.
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