Stellaris: Distant Stars Reveal Trailer

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Some kind of giant portal? Into.. what? An alternative reality?
Very interesting, but no information until Thursday?
Props for the Space-whale-in-Gateway reference.

I'm on board with these "flavor" packs by the way. Much better than making up new mechanics for the sake of saying you have a new mechanic.
I`d bet it has something to do with the tiyanaki. Would be nice to have some more story to spaceborn life in general.
It would make sense since the spaceborn are kind of bleak right now.
YEEEEEESSSSS. I am squealing like a little girl over her. Can't wait to see what horrors and wonders we will find. The last story pack was amazing.
Honestly the whole locked gateway path is just screaming open me. Even if its gonna screw me over I'm opening it just to see whats inside.

Wonder how the new unique "behemoths" will act. Are some going to be passif, hostile, friendly? I was a bit dissappointed that all guardians except one was hostile on encounter.
Looks like another story focused pack? I am fine with these in general. Anomalies and exploration do need some refresh after the game being released for so long, so might as well overhaul them all and adding something more to it with new galaxy generations. Something Wiz did mention multiple times in various occasions that they want to add these.
Nothing too unexpected other than being quite soon imo after 2.0.
I'll be interested to see how well this pack does... The 2.0 changes kind of divided the community, and this is the first real expansion afterwards (I feel like a lot of people bought apoc before experiencing 2.0); This will probably be the first real indication on how well the game is doing, that doesn't rely on doomsayers / mega fans pointing at vague trends on steam spy.

I hope it does ok... but at the same time I'm not sure if I'm going to pick it up myself. :(
I missed the stream, but have pre-ordered anyway. It took me until 2.0 from launch to get into stellaris and I like where it's going at the moment. Now to find out what I just bought...

EDIT: My new avatar plus the octospace suggests more tentacled aliens coming! Bandersnatchi, jotoki, and gw'oth?
Hmm, I just tried to watch the trailer, but I get an error as the video access is limited and I don't have a Google Apps account. Did someone forget to toggle the video as public?

[Edit] It works now. [/Edit]
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There are still so much mysteries that are yet to be explored in this universe. The civilization who will be able to launch expeditions to the other dimensions may get great rewards... or doom the entire galaxy (yes, this sounds like the Shroud, but it may be a way to explore another unknown universe for materialists).
Also, the secrets of the core are yet to be explored. What hidden mysteries await there? What prevented everyone, even the precursors and the mighty fallen empires, to explore it?
I'm confident that the years to come will give us opportunities to explore more of this amazing universe... and beyond.
Keep up the good work guys! :)
Hmm, I just tried to watch the trailer (
), but I get an error as the video access is limited and I don't have a Google Apps account. Did someone forget to toggle the video as public?
It seems someone published it too soon and now pulled it back.