Stellaris Dev Diary #57: Species Rights

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Feb 13, 2015
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If that was the case you would never have been allowed to purge your primary species in the first place. That's also a failed argument because anyone you purge is still part of your citizenry. Xenos on your colonies are still your people. Purging was 100% intended as a method of keeping Ethics Divergence under control. You aren't SUPPOSED to do anything, the game gives you options to run your empire how you want to. I've created three different empires, all with different methods and government types, and one of them is a dystopian Big Brother government that kills dissenters. I functionally can't do that anymore. It is bad game design to take options away when you add new ones, unless they break the flow of gameplay. Since the flow of gameplay is entirely in the hands of the player in this game, there is no way to break it.

Listen friend. If I want to reenact 1984 in space, and kill everyone who disagrees with my government, I'm gonna.

And the caste system does not allow me to purge my primary species, I've already tried. All I can do is displace them, which requires migration treaties so far as I can tell, and what kind of dystopian hellscape would I have created if I allowed migration treaties?

Airstrip One/Oceania didn't commit acts of genocide, individuals who tried to resist Big Brother's benevolent leadership were declared to have never existed.

And it only worked because they were in a mutually agreed upon stalemate with Eurasia and Eastasia, how often were your "1984" empires crushed underheel by more populous empires?