Stellaris Dev Diary #118 - Niven Post-Launch Support (part 3)

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Stellaris development diary. As mentioned in Dev Diary #116, we're currently in an extended post-launch support period, and so there won't be any feature dev diaries coming for a while. Just as last week, today's dev diary will be another quick update about a couple of the issues we're currently aware of and working on for the 2.1.1 rolling beta. This is just a select few items, not a comprehensive list of everything we're working on!

First, I just wanted to give a quick update about performance. We rolled out a number of fixes and performance improvements in the last update to beta, and so far we've gotten a lot of good feedback, with most users reporting the performance problems introduced in 2.1 seem to have been resolved for them. We're still going to continue looking at performance and what we can do about improving it in general, but if you are experiencing performance issues in 2.1 we strongly recommend opting into the 2.1.1 beta, and letting us know through the tech support forum if it doesn't solve your issues. We're going to try to bring these fixes to the live (non-beta) version as soon as we feel it has been tested enough, so expect to see 2.1.1 become the live version in the relatively near future, with the rolling beta switching to 2.1.2 instead.

Faction Renaming
An often requested feature has been the ability to rename the factions in your empire. As of the next version of the rolling beta, you will be able to do so by clicking the name of a selected faction in the faction view. Just as with renaming leaders, this has no actual gameplay effect and is strictly for roleplaying/player agency purposes.

Improved No-GUI
Another thing that came up recently was how cumbersome it is to go into the gui tweaker and hide the planet orbital lines and system navigation arrows when trying to take extra-pretty screenshots using the Ctrl-F9 no-gui mode. As there's really no good reason for these elements to show up in no-gui mode, they will now also be hidden whenever no-gui is active.

That's all for today! Join us again next week for yet more post-release support (seeing a pattern yet?).