Stellaris: Console Edition Pre-Order & Release Date

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Jun 12, 2018
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Stellaris: Console Edition, the adaptation of the hugely successful and popular Paradox Grand Strategy, is available for pre-order now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be launched on February 26, 2019!

Featuring the same deep strategic gameplay as Stellaris, with rich and diverse alien races and emergent stories to discover across a procedural galaxy, Stellaris: Console Edition puts all the complexity and fun of running a space-faring empire are your thumb sticks. Explore the unknown, discover long-forgotten mysteries of the precursor empires, or take control of the entire galaxy for yourself. The choice is yours!

You will have the option of choosing between Stellaris: Console Edition or Stellaris: Console Edition Deluxe that will include the core game alongside the Plantoids Species Pack, Leviathans Story Pack and the Utopia expansion - which will be downloaded automatically upon their release times in the months following launch.

Stellaris: Console Edition lets you:
  • Explore the enormity of procedural galaxies that offers a new landscape every time you play
  • Encounter a myriad of wild, quirky, and dangerous alien races who may prove to be valuable allies or deadly foes
  • Take on strategic space warfare and resource management to ensure the survival and advancement of your empire
  • Explore scientific anomalies and uncover technological wonders throughout the galaxy to utilize them to forward your goals
  • Govern your own fledgling empire and secure your power and agenda through manipulating internal politics, factions, and much more
Additionally, join us today (January 22nd) at 16:00 CET on Mixer and Twitch where we’ll take a close look at the game live on stream and answer community questions!

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