Stellaris: Console Edition Pre-Order & Release Date

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Jun 12, 2018
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Stellaris: Console Edition, the adaptation of the hugely successful and popular Paradox Grand Strategy, is available for pre-order now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be launched on February 26, 2019!

Featuring the same deep strategic gameplay as Stellaris, with rich and diverse alien races and emergent stories to discover across a procedural galaxy, Stellaris: Console Edition puts all the complexity and fun of running a space-faring empire are your thumb sticks. Explore the unknown, discover long-forgotten mysteries of the precursor empires, or take control of the entire galaxy for yourself. The choice is yours!

You will have the option of choosing between Stellaris: Console Edition or Stellaris: Console Edition Deluxe that will include the core game alongside the Plantoids Species Pack, Leviathans Story Pack and the Utopia expansion - which will be downloaded automatically upon their release times in the months following launch.

Stellaris: Console Edition lets you:
  • Explore the enormity of procedural galaxies that offers a new landscape every time you play
  • Encounter a myriad of wild, quirky, and dangerous alien races who may prove to be valuable allies or deadly foes
  • Take on strategic space warfare and resource management to ensure the survival and advancement of your empire
  • Explore scientific anomalies and uncover technological wonders throughout the galaxy to utilize them to forward your goals
  • Govern your own fledgling empire and secure your power and agenda through manipulating internal politics, factions, and much more
Additionally, join us today (January 22nd) at 16:00 CET on Mixer and Twitch where we’ll take a close look at the game live on stream and answer community questions!

For more information on Stellaris: Console Edition, visit
Wewt! Now I can play space crack on my PS4! Thank you Paradox for finding even more ways to enslave me...
Which variant of Stellaris is this going to be? The earliest version, with the multiple FTL's, the one after that or the current one?

Not counting the many different patches and DLC's I mean.

If I already own Stellaris for pc , will I be able to download on consolle? I don't feel to buy all again two times.
well I already spent a lot for it on pc and I would like to play on consolle like I can do with other play anywhere games.

Most companies don't give you games across multiple platforms. Microsoft does it with specific games bought through a specific service and that's basically it.

The norm is no, so while it is theoretically possible that Paradox will go against that, it is highly unlikely.
That's all nice, but game is barely playable in current state.

Why would you want to shoot yourself in the foot? :eek:
I hope it won't happen, but if I didn't know anything about Paradox games, and I'd buy Stellaris 1.7 based on a trailer that heavily implies that during gameplay, the player would I dunno, experience these sweeping cinematic vistas, or animated close-ups of planets during menu navigation, I wouldn't be able to hit the refund button hard enough....It looks like an X game with story overlays from this trailer....

Again, if I didn't bother to check out gameplay of their other titles or this game....which while in today's world being irresponsible, think of all those non-paradox fans they're aiming to capture with this....

Unless 1.7 console Stellaris (edit) automatically does these, again, grandiose and sweeping close-ups during gameplay by itself, for atmospheric reasons, this is one of the least representative of gameplay trailers that I've seen from a company in awhile.

To clarify, the trailer heavily IMPLIES visual situations that in the standard PDX game amount of hours, I've never seen in Stellaris unless I panned close to a planet, or during a battle. Hope this helps with the hype instead of fuel future refunds....but I'm sure someone whose job depends on this, and knows way more about marketing since they do it for a living, than I do, took a look and said yea, this'll work.
Ok, so you HAVE seen these visual situations in Stellaris. Thanks for clearing that up.

yea, like I don't wanna be verbally disingenuous and say this is the fakest thing this side of blah blah be clear: the shots in this video are ENTIRELY dependent on the player causing this to happen for their own like, visual enjoyment, and most of them would almost never organically (in my OPINION and experience) during any playthrough of the game. (EDIT) That's the point I think you're sorta ignoring, my post isn't "hur dur this isn't what the game is"...there're words like "implies" that kinda make the statement not ambiguous as to where I think the trailer's a bit off...

Like this is what my stellaris experience would look like, if I took the time to pan around and zoom in and out, while at the same time also reading the menus and information presented.

I wanna be clear that there's no flippancy intended towards you, cause you were decent enough to also quote the "unless" part. Like I don't wanna accuse you of missing the point on purpose or anything cause I don't think it'd be fair to assume that based on the amount of flair you've got on your profile badge, I'd be willing to bet my last $20 that your stellaris experience doesn't look like the trailer either, as far as the vistas sweeping around and all...which was the whole theme.

I'm not sure I get your point other than that you kinda ended with "thanks for clearing that up" when it's fairly clear in the part of the post you left while I don't wanna score points or anything cause I don't think(?) we're there you think the trailer accurately reflects a stellaris experience to someone who's unfamiliar with how PDX games look...? Honest question. Cause I'm sure you've got more playtime than I do, and I'm crazy blown away that you needed that cleared up.

PS: reason I brought it up, is that the forums are likely not populate by the new, console people they're trying to attract....cause you need to link up with Steam, etc., like the forums are full of PC players probably familiar with the games, not the mom at Gamestop (or whatever) who's buying a game for their kid based on a trailer they saw somewhere....
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