Stellaris - Cannot reform government into or out of Megacorp if Angler civic has been taken

Ferrus Animus

Sep 16, 2019
Cannot reform government into or out of Megacorp if Angler civic has been taken

Game Version
Herbert v3.2.2 (abcc)

What version do you use?

What expansions do you have installed?
Synthetic Dawn, Utopia, Leviathans Story Pack, Apocalypse, Megacorp, Distant Stars, Ancient Relics, Lithoids, Federations, Aquatics

Do you have mods enabled?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
When reforming the government of my space empire, I can not change it into Megacorp if the Anglers civic has been taken at game start.
Similarly as a Megacorp with the Angler civic I can not reform into a another government type as the Anglers civic blocks that.

Given that a megacorp version of Anglers exists, switching governemnt types seems like it should be possible.
(Pleasure Seekers and Catalytic Processing have similar issues, but can be deselected)

Steps to reproduce the issue.
Start a game with an empire that has either from of the Anglers civic
- wait 20 years and accumulate 250 influence
- Press "Reform Governement" button.
- Reform button will stay deactivated

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Starter only civics are basically mini origins, they can't be changed. No, it doesn't make any sense for anglers to behave this way since it's not even that powerful, the only reason I can think of why it behaves like this is to stop people cheesing unlimited agri district then dropping it
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