Stellaris - [3.2.2] [abcc] AI doing bad/odd economic things (7/x)


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Apr 13, 2018
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[3.2.2] [abcc] AI doing bad/odd economic things (7/x)

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Different setup than my usual reports. 9 player-made empires are in this save, all IDENTICAL traits/civics/etc. xenophile pacifists. I started as one, the other 8 were forced AI spawns. 3 of each home-planet type (arid/continential/frozen) among the 9 empires. Small galaxy, no FEs. Otherwise default settings. The goal was to see how a bunch of friendlies proceed against the crisis (game is not that far yet).

I immediately used "observe" via console command, and let the game run in the background. I took some saves along the way. Later I inspected individual empires at different points in time. You guys know me from 3.1.x reports. When appropriate I am attaching saves before or after the reported game-year of the problem.

This AI, "play 2" in year 2292, is out of food and CGs, and suffering penalties. It also has instability on its planets. I wonder why? All the other AIs are doing fine, and they're all copies of each other, and there is no war in the galaxy -- they love each other. It's part of a powerful and happy federation. How did things go so wrong for this one empire?

(in a save 80 years later it still hasn't fixed its shortages)

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qa via observe

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