Stellaris - [3.0.3 beta] [but this has possibly been a bug for a lot longer] [modding] Pop_factions : unique = yes / no does not work

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[3.0.3 beta] [but this has possibly been a bug for a lot longer] [modding] Pop_factions : unique = yes / no does not work

Game Version
3.0.3 beta

What version do you use?

What expansions do you have installed?

Do you have mods enabled?

Yes - there really needs to be a "this is a modding bug" option.

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
The following does not work
sector_separatists = {
    election_header = "GFX_faction_header_red"    # For demo elections.
    guiding_ethic = ethic_militarist            # Flavour text only I think.

    unique = no            # Multiple can(no)/cant (yes) appear. ### no = BROKEN?? ###
    support_multiplier = 1    # Constant on support equation.

unique is a boolean that is supposed to let you have multiple of the same faction spawn. But I dont think it works. I've set a ton of restrictions (like a faction is "permitted" to spawn if youre a spiritualist AND you live on the same planet as an existing member) which should force the game to consider spawning a second spiritualist faction, to satisfy other pops. [ive tried about 20 other combinations and rules too] but it just does not seem to work no matter what I try.

I also see this has been an issue as far back, potentially, as 2.2. based on this post here.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
try playing with the unique = <yes/no> setting and see if you can get it to spawn 2+ of the same faction (either use one of the vanilla factions, or make a dummy one for testing).

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