Steam Multiplayer Open Beta 1.4.1 - Updated for Azure

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Hey everyone,

Along with the release of the Azure patch we will update the Multiplayer Open Beta today at 10:00 (GMT+2).
This new build has the version 1.4.1 and contains all changes from 1.4.0 Azure as well the MP stability improvements that have been available on the open_beta branch for a while. This way you can enjoy all the improvements from Azure along with the MP stability improvements we’re currently testing.

In addition to that we have made two changes on 1.4.1 to further improve the Multiplayer experience:
  • Increased network stability of clients joining MP lobbies with decreased save game transfer speeds
  • Increased network stability of client login procedure
We know these issues have been present for several players, so we would really like to hear if these latest changes improve your experience or not.

Note that we are still working on tweaking the Multiplayer experience for CK3 in this given branch, and so players could encounter a known issue preventing them from continuing in Singleplayer after dropping out of a multiplayer session, and the host not recognizing that a client dropped connection in case of crashes etc.

If you are already opted in to the Steam beta branch, you should get the update automatically once it drops.
If you would like to opt in now, you can access it by right-clicking Crusader Kings III in your Steam library, selecting Properties, entering the 'Betas' tab and selecting "open_beta - 1.4.1 multiplayer improvements" from the list.


We do ask that if you do participate in this Steam branch that you PLEASE RE-REPORT ANY MULTIPLAYER ISSUES YOU MAY BE FACING - provided they reoccur for you on this build, of course - as it will help us determine how the fixes on this particular branch are going in real time. This Beta branch is entirely voluntary and you are under no obligation to participate if you do not wish to do so.

Please be aware that general issues or suggestions concerning the Azure patch should be reported in the regular bug report or suggestion forum sections. This subforum should focus on issues that relate to the Multiplayer experience on 1.4.1, or general issues that are unique to the 1.4.1 build.

When reporting an issue, please let us know your internet connection line type (fiber, cable, ADSL, satellite, 3G, 4G etc).
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