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Jan 30, 2013
Achievements, no go.

So still not able to get the Cake made of Pain, even after it was "fixed".

I can't redo the tutorial since I've completed it before, and by accessing the "How to Play" option doesn't do anything either.

Would love it if it was really fixed.

And on that note, fix the DM Possession abilities Achievement, or add the missing ones in so we can achieve it.


EDIT: Power of Friendship still doesn't work either.
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Feb 4, 2013
  • Dungeonland
I recently tried to get the "Challenge Accepted" achievement. But when i finished all the stages and the boss i dont get any achievements.
I even tried to finish a level with 3 challanges. And still when i finished nothing happends.

I finished at the moment 87% and cant finish any more achievements.

What i need to do:
Challenge Accepted
* Bug ?
A Cake Made of Pain
* Bug ?
The Power Of Friendship
* Bug ?
With My Own Hands
* I got 58/61 of the cards. I dont know how to get the last 3.
Dungeon(Land) Master
* Impossible at the moment