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Hi guys,

Johan brought this to our attention some time ago and we have done some digging and I believe there has been a glitch in communication from our end = publishing. The status now is that all portals who do not have the 1.2 patch have received it and a push from our sales team to update it. Someone asked for the .rar file of the patch, which can be found here http://patches.gamersgate.com/ForTheGlory12.exe. However, that won’t solve the issue for those who have purchased the game on Steam for instance. Any portal creating their own installers like Steam, needs to have the patch provided via their systems to work.

I’d like to make a couple of clarifications:

1. This has taken longer than necessary/customary and for that I apologies, we should have known something wasn’t quite right when the upload was delaying. And when I say we – I mean the sales team. Johan doesn’t control the process beyond submitting the files to us.
2. We can’t tell Steam, Impulse & Co what to do any more than we can tell EB Games, WalMart & Co what do to. We can make sure they have the material in timely manner, we can suggest and sometimes call in favors but they have their priority list just like any other companies. When they are busy, they’ll always prioritize the big selling games over those (in comparison) with very modest sales. Even so they are usually very good to us thanks to the relationship we’ve built with them and even though a patch can delay it’s usually uploaded a lot quicker than in this case.
3. We are shutting down the “Europa Engine Project” after we’ve released the games currently in the pipe line. The idea in theory was great, allowing really talented mod teams to create commercial projects for the community, the reality proved it was a bit more challenging for all involved (producers, the developers, sales team, download portals). I’m the first to admit that we don’t always get everything right but when we don’t, we try to fix it. Overall it’s been a great learning experience to work with all these teams who can now call themselves “published game developers” and it’s resulted in some really great games that have enriched the community. And we’ll continue looking at ways that we can work with our mod teams also in the future.

Kind regards
Susana Meza
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