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Oct 24, 2009
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Hello there!

With the diminishing population of people playing, would Zeal game studios consider re-releasing the game as a F2P title instead? Seeing as how the game is already integrated with steam, why not take advantage of their F2P system?

I feel like that there is enough content in the game to work in the micro transaction system. The game is enjoyable although repetitive at times. I think that if zeal has the time & budget to patch the game with a few more maps, it would do very well as a F2P game. Now as for pricing rather than scraping the 10 dollar price tag, why not make it into a starter bundle? Dual currency has been a staple thing inside F2P games, with Starvoid has both EXP and gold. Both of these can work as a sort of premium fee. If we Zeal takes a bit of the Tribes Ascend model, then I think Starvoid will be able to perform well inside the long run.


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Jun 1, 2011
You are making several valid points and have good ideas, and we have considered it several times. And as you're saying, many aspects of the game are designed to fit a f2p model nicely :)

The decision is however not ours at Zeal Game Studio, but is at Paradox.
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