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The Macedonian

Aug 4, 2022
I've always had a suspicion that people (including myself) make a mistake trying to eat the world too early. The extreme case is obvious, where you've captured tons of poor economic land, have wasted tons of admin coring it, tons of diplo with unjustified demands and lots of mil points by bombing forts unnecessarily. Now you have no income, high corruption and are behind on mil-tech having attritioned your manpower reserves deep into the negative. On the other hand, you have Hordes that are, of course, designed to do just that.

Moreover, with gov cap and reform progress mechanics, the game is really encouraging you to chill out in the early game and bide your time and build your power base or accomplish some specific strategic needs.

Let's say that you simply waited and waited (boring perhaps) and largely minded your own business until 1680 and Imperialism. While waiting you've acquired all the important WC ideas -- Admin, Diplo, Influence, Humanist, Offensive -- in whatever order you want.

You are not necessarily an OPM, or even a 4PM you could be a moderately sized nation -- just not a major nation (Poland, Mughals, Russia, Ottomans, France, Austria, Spain, etc.). What nation and religion would you pick? What is the smallest dev in 1680 (Imperialism) that you think that you could explode out and burn the entire world?