Start your Fusion Engines! BATTLETECH: Flashpoint is NOW AVAILABLE!

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We're thrilled to let you know that BATTLETECH’s much-anticipated first expansion, Flashpoint, is available NOW AVAILABLE!

BATTLETECH: Flashpoint adds new gameplay, depth, and over 30 hours of new content to the mercenary experience. Introducing Flashpoints: high-stakes, branching short stories that link together mercenary missions, crew conversations, special events, critical choices, and rare bonus rewards to take BATTLETECH's endgame and Career-Mode gameplay to the next level.

Flashpoint launch trailer:

Flashpoints embroil players in the feuds and machinations of the various Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, and are designed to keep even the most hardened mercenary commanders on their toes. In addition to narrative twists and turns, some Flashpoint stories include consecutive deployments in which players can’t repair or heal between missions, while others feature infiltration contracts that restrict the tonnage of deployable BattleMechs.

Beyond adding over 30 hours of exciting Flashpoints to BATTLETECH, this expansion comes complete with three new ‘Mechs (including the highly anticipated Hatchetman), a challenging new mission type, and a new tropical biome for the biggest and most challenging BATTLETECH experience yet.

Alongside Flashpoint, the game also received a free update today, adding a slew of new content to expand the base game. Update 1.3 features an all new Career Mode, which challenges players to begin the game with the Argo in a random system where they will attempt to survive and thrive without the big payout from story missions. Update 1.3 also features revamped MechWarrior-abilities based on fan feedback, a revision of the reputation system that lets the player really feel the effects of their actions, new events with cameos from legendary MechWarriors, new Mercenary contracts (with pirates!), and more. For all the details on the added content, please see the full 1.3 update notes HERE

Learn more and get Flashpoint now!


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I bought the Season Pass from the Paradox Store ages ago, but when I go to My Games and click on Manage for the Season Pass I get an essentially empty screen, with no codes or anything. Same when I check my Orders. I had assumed I would get the codes when the DLCs released, but they're not there. Did the Paradox Store glitch out when I bought them? Should I open a Support Ticket?

EDIT: Nvm, just got an email announcing Flashpoint and telling me I'll get an email with the key. Just have to wait for that, I guess.
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Wish I could play it but all I get is the black screen after trying to load my campaign save. Waited over 20 minutes and nothing loaded up.
It'll show up automatically when the game updates and you launch it.
At this time GoG users who pre-ordered the season pass do not have access to Flashpoint yet. Though the developer did state they are investigating it, after I asked about it on a Steam thread.
Yeah, Steam user here, I logged a ticket with Paradox support. Also pre-ordered the season pass when it was first announced.
Paradox support have sent the key and a little discount as well. Thanks heaps for that - Megacorp awaits.
Hope everyone else that's waiting gets theirs soon, if they don't already have it.
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Almost eight hours later, still no email with a code for Flashpoint. Still nothing shown in the My Games area of the Paradox site. ...Part of the system knows I pre-ordered it, because I got the email telling me I'd get an email. But...
Almost eight hours later, still no email with a code for Flashpoint. Still nothing shown in the My Games area of the Paradox site. ...Part of the system knows I pre-ordered it, because I got the email telling me I'd get an email. But...

Same problem here. Nothing in the inbox, nothing in the spam folder, nothing (most critically) on Steam...
Up, running and loving FLASHPOINT!

Good fortunes had me finally replace my old computer with an actual gaming laptop... BATTLETECH is Bigger, Stompier and FLASHier that ever before. : )

This expansion was worth every penny and then some. :bow:
I'm in the same boat. Ordered through Paradox Interactive directly. And nothing. No Flashpoint, no code. Logged a ticket and got a response fairly quickly, but no resolution or helpful suggestion so far since I run on a Mac on Steam.
I have looked into the matter of missing keys, and it seems like this should have been solved in most cases. Please let me know if you still haven't gotten access to the expansion, and I'll investigate!