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Jun 11, 2021
Hello all,

I've come to the conclusion during the game's life cycle specialists are very important. So why would we want to lose any at all during any point in the game. With the new outpost mechanic using the aforementioned specialists we all look at it and go wait I've got to use up a specialist? Thats not a very efficient idea. I personally have never needed an outpost. I've used them a few times but never are they needed per say. Survivor outpost is in my opinion has no place I'm either producing too many children or sending people away from my gate due to I've got enough colonists as it is. Science outpost now this one is special. Yes I see it as possibly the most needed outpost though to actually get them up and going is a very slow endeavor. Specialist spawn rate are a just a wee too slow to actually take advantage of this feature early or mid game. Now end game is where I'll have at least three of them going but I'm on day 110 and still only have 5 specialists yes three went into outposts but still 110 days and only 8 specialist total. Seems the outpost idea might be better placed in the exploration tech tree towards the end cause I wouldn't find myself needing it early or mid game.

How about you guys any thoughts?


Iceflake Studio Dev
Oct 23, 2019

Indeed, welcome to the forums and to the Aftermath! Thank you for the feedback on this - I can definitely see where you are coming from with this feedback and we are aware that at the moment, getting new specialists is a bit too random and can take a lot of time. This being said, we are working on the next patch which will address this at least a bit - can't say more than that unfortunately ;)

The outposts also are still something we are working on, especially the balance with them (how many science points are being produced etc). So keep an eye out for our next patch and the notes for it to see what we have been working on since the last patch! :)

Thanks again for the feedback and of course, thanks for playing!
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