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Oct 27, 2018
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Currently, there is a special Federation type for Galactic Union (Default) and, with Federations, Trade League (Built off Commercial Pacts), Martial Alliance (Built off Defensive Pact), Research Cooperative (Built off Research Agreement), and Hegemony (Built off Subjugation).

Right now, if the War in Heaven breaks out and the chosen Founder of the League of Non-Aligned Powers isn't in a federation, then the event-generated federation is automatically called the League. If they're already in one, no renaming takes place but the game sort of 'tags' their existing federation as the League. Similarly, if there is a Crisis, the next federation to form will be automatically called the Galactic Defense League.

I propose that these two, the Non-Aligned Powers and the Galactic Defense League, should have their own special Federation types, complete with special perks. Any existing federation 'tagged' as the special federation would automatically switch type to it (Maybe keeping the same level?) and nobody could switch in or out of it while it exists. Once the threat is gone, they swap back automatically.

(Obviously this is all with the caveat that this takes place in a universe where the AE and Crises are actually credible threats)

The Empires in this federation are prepared to fight and defeat both of the Ascendancies in the War in Heaven.

Federation: -100% Cohesion Loss from Ethics

To effectively defend against the Awakened Empires, we must set aside our petty squabbles and fight for our right to exist.
All Members: +10% Damage to Awakened Empires

By sharing recordings of Awakened Empire engagements, our admirals can work together and find new weaknesses in the Precursor Empires.
All Members: +15% Ship Speed in Federation Space

Swift action is demanded if we are to assemble our forces together in time for key battles.
President: +20% Diplomatic Weight

The president will be the public face of our opposition against the Awakened, and the position will carry the appropriate gravitas.
All Members: +10% Damage to Awakened Empires

Uniform weapon construction standards makes it easier to share the latest inventions of war between members.
All Members: +100% Defense Army Damage against Awakened Empires

The Awakened always stick to a routine battle plan when assaulting a world. Using this, our generals have found new ways to surprise and turn the tables on their assault forces.
President: Envoys +2

Our federation is open to all who wish to stand against the Ascendancies, regardless of origin.
All Members: +10% Damage to Awakened Empires

After rigorous study and sharing, our top admirals are poised to exploit new weaknesses in the Awakened Empires' fleets.
All Members: Defeating an Awakened Empire fleet grants rare resources.

The Awakened are fond of constructing their ships with exotic materials, ripe for the taking.
President: +1.5 Monthly Influence

A promise made, a promise kept, another promise believed.
All Members: +1% Damage to Awakened Empires for each year the War in Heaven has lasted.

The time of the Precursor empires has come and gone. It is the dawn of a new age for the galaxy.
All Members: +50% Damage to Awakened Empire Subjects

After prolonged combat with the ancient races, their subjects seem tame in comparison.
President: +35% Diplomatic Weight from Technology

The Awakened are fond of lording their technological might over us, but they are not so far ahead as they may think…
The Empires in this Federation are poised to defend all life against the great Crisis menacing the galaxy.

Federation: -100% Cohesion Loss from Ethics

Federation: Gain monthly Cohesion and XP equal to current Federation level plus member count.
All Members: +33% Naval Capacity, -25% Ship Cost

Nothing we have faced before compares to the great Crisis. We will live, or die, by the strength of our fleets.
Federation: No limit to the size of the Federation Fleet.

All Members: Contribution to the Federation Fleet counts for 25% more.

We will establish a resilient, effective bureau to coordinate fleets on a scale never before seen.
Federation: All members transfer 25% of their Diplomatic Weight to the President.

The time for political red tape has passed. Decisions must be made, and be made promptly.
All Members: +25% Weapons Damage

Missiles with too-large payloads, lasers with too-strong batteries. We are already in mortal peril; broken safety guidelines are of a minor concern.
All Members: +5% Research Speed for each other member.

We have overcome many obstacles on our way to space by inventing new technologies to overcome them. Now is the time to continue this tradition.
All Members: Gain Monthly Unity equal to 1% of the size of every other members' fleet.

President: 10% of the size instead.

When the citizens of besieged worlds look to the skies and see our fleets driving off the invaders, they will feel a sense of comradery.
All Members: +25% Ship Hull Points, +0.5% Daily Hull and Armor Regeneration

The federation will fund a special corp of engineers to actively strengthen and repair our fleets in the field, even deep in the territory of the invaders.
All Members: +25% Trade Value

Wealth stored in banks is wealth that is not paying for the struggle against the Crisis.
President: Resources gained from Federal Commercial Pacts doubled in both directions.

While the crisis rages on, our peoples have begun a tradition of rich trade and barter with each other, regardless of past histories.
All Members: +33% Fire Rate

With annihilation on the line, who cares if the guns overheat from overuse?
All Members: +20% Resources from Jobs

From private gardens to voluntary overtime, every member’s populace is devoted to ending the Crisis by whatever means.
President: Megastructure Built Capacity +1, Megastructure Build Speed +100%

By pooling our domestic engineers into a federal reserve, we can build megastructures that give us the power to turn the tide of the invasion.

Let me know what you think. Just kinda threw this together after having it stewing for a bit.
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While I do like this idea, there are a couple of things I'd change:

First, considering that all federation types specifically have bonuses against the crisis, I don't think there should be a special type for galactic defense league. For the League of non-aligned powers, it should be a choice for which federation type changes or stays the same, so say if you are a megacorp which is relying on trade league trade policy then you don't loose out on it.

Second, I think you should tone down the bonuses. It feels like most of what you did was just take existing federation perks and buff them up a little, and I don't think that's necessary. So 10% sunlight speed for first level, 1 influence for the president, 1 envoy for the president. The one exception I'd make is the "Face fo defiance" perk, which is just so on point and makes sense for the bonus.
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I do think it might also be good idea to just boost amount of exp you get while in crisis, since the crisis bonuses are nice but if you enter federaton post year 2400, you are unlikely to reach them :D
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